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27 Sep 2011 00:42


Culture: Dancing With the [CENSORED]: Nancy Grace has a moment

  • Nancy’s grace slipped tonight. Poor taste, sorry.  On tonight’s episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” Nancy Grace had a slight wardrobe malfunction. Faster than you can say “Casey Anthony trial,” producers had to cut to a “static shot of the audience” to prevent potential FCC freakouts. After the performance, Judge Bruno Tonioli quipped: “It was a bit top-heavy at times, my darling. And I got an eyeful! I couldn’t miss that. But it really is great to see you taking over the dance floor and performing.” Sleep tight, America! source

13 Jan 2011 18:52


Tech: Chatroulette’s founder somehow makes naked men profitable

  • Everyday, about 50,000 new men are trying to get naked. What we’re doing is selling the naked men to a couple of websites – it’s an investment for us.
  • Chatroulette Founder Andrey Ternovskiy • Describing his plan to make his service, Chatroulette, profitable. Essentially, the naked men – a longstanding scourge of the video-chatting site – get parlayed off to sites like, where they’re making cash from referral traffic – $100,000 a month, unbelievably. “So, we’re actually getting revenue from naked men right now,” Ternovskiy says. Even though his site’s traffic has gone down considerably, he’s still making bank, because he’s smart. (from Fast Company’s sweet Tumblrsource

12 Sep 2010 02:44


Music: Joaquin Phoenix movie turns Spacehog guitarist into exhibitionist

  • Remember Spacehog? Well, they kinda disappeared quick after “In the Meantime” made them famous for 15 minutes (too bad because we really dug it back in the day), but the guitarist of this band, Antony Langdon, just showed up in the most random place ever – Joaquin Phoenix’s bizarre new documentary, “I’m Still Here.” Langdon was one of Phoenix’s assistants, something of Phoenix’s “Johnny Drama.” Langdon he earned his keep with some very embarrassing, humiliating scenes (yes, there’s nudity – and more!). New York Magazine has more. source

21 Aug 2010 15:33


Culture, U.S.: Fun fact about “The Social Network” compared to other biopics

  • Most movie studios, when making a biopic, try to lock down story rights from a main player in the movie. This is mainly so that they can more freely take artistic license with the plot. The Facebook-based movie, however, is based on the words of Eduardo Saverin, the jilted friend who was an early founder of the service. He gets sidelined during the movie, which instead focuses more on Mark Zuckerberg and Napster co-founder Sean Parker. They stiill took artistic license, though: There’s a mostly-made-up scene that involves dialogue by Parker (played by Justin Timberlake) in the midst of cocaine use off of naked breasts at a party. In other words, Aaron Sorkin still has it. source

18 Jun 2010 13:41


Culture: Are there nude photos of Betty White floating around somewhere?

  • MAYBE at least it isn’t Bea Arthur source

02 Apr 2010 20:18


Music: Erykah Badu’s $500 fine for naked video a drop in the bucket

  • crime Erykah Badu shot a controversial music video in which she stripped to her skivvies and evoked JFK by getting shot. It drew a huge amount of press and publicity.
  • punishment Badu was charged with disorderly conduct today and was punished with a whopping $500 fine, one which she joked she could pay in merch sales alone. source

13 Mar 2010 12:06


Tech: Chatroulette’s founder feels your naked creepy guy pain

  • People that are naked are all over the Internet. I don’t like it, because I want a clean site, so I have added a ‘Report’ button. Now if someone is reported three times they are banned from the site.
  • Andrey Ternovskiy • Regarding the proliferation of naked people on Chatroulette, his site. Ternovskiy who is in the U.S. on a venture capital mission, says he won’t sell his nest egg right away and wants to protect the privacy of his users, a privacy slightly uncovered by Chatroulette Map, a Google Maps mashup which is actually kinda cool. He plans to do more to protect users’ privacy from sites like that one. source

07 Dec 2009 20:58



  • Tiger Woods is currently seeing his life getting destroyed. Apparently, because all the juicy crap in the previous post wasn’t enough, Playgirl has something potentially even more damaging on the table. Apparently, there are nude photos – likely cell-phone shot – of everyone’s favorite family-friendly golfer in the buff. Jesus Christ. You know what, this shit isn’t even funny anymore. LEAVE TIGER ALONE! source

18 Sep 2009 19:13


Offbeat: If you’re in Tyler, Tx., stop by the Calvary Nudist Baptist Church

  • We are lambs before the Lord, and every Sunday we give thanks to Him with all of our body and soul. And it includes the sacrifice of our garments, for it was when Eve ate from the Tree of Life and gathered fig leaves that mankind fell into sin.
  • Pastor Mark Johnson (heh heh, you said “Johnson”) • On why his church thinks that nudity is awesome. Johnson says that the nudity angle of his Texas church isn’t an attempt to recreate “hedonistic, recreational lifestyles,” but an attempt to appreciate Jesus in a super-devoted way. Dude. you’re embarrassing yourself. (We’re not kidding. The photo on his site shows the dude bare-chested and everything.) But you’re doing it for Jesus, so we guess it’s OK. • source

24 Jul 2009 11:15


Offbeat, World: Scientific method at work: Does naked girls + farming = rain?

  • That’s what some farmers in India are trying. The farmers, located in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, told their unmarried daughters to get naked and plow the fields after sunset in an attempt to embarrass the gods and convince them to bring on monsoon weather. The farmers are currently in the midst to the worst start of monsoon season in eight decades. Might as well work the nudity angle, right? source