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18 Feb 2011 09:58


Music: VIDEO: Radiohead’s awkward-dance-heavy “Lotus Flower”

  • Never have we been so excited to see a middle-aged man dancing like a rockstar. Welcome back, Thom Yorke. Your fans missed you. The song rules, too – a clear continuation of “In Rainbows”-era awesomeness. Oh yeah, the album’s out now, not tomorrow. source

02 Apr 2010 20:18


Music: Erykah Badu’s $500 fine for naked video a drop in the bucket

  • crime Erykah Badu shot a controversial music video in which she stripped to her skivvies and evoked JFK by getting shot. It drew a huge amount of press and publicity.
  • punishment Badu was charged with disorderly conduct today and was punished with a whopping $500 fine, one which she joked she could pay in merch sales alone. source

09 Feb 2010 17:43


Music: Lil’ Wayne had a pretty busy pre-prison weekend last weekend

  • 9 music videos shot for three albums last weekend; holy crap source

19 Dec 2009 20:40


Music: ShortFormBlog Saturday Mixtape: Most inventive videos of 2009

  • High-Speed Nudity In Matt & Kim’s simple, clever video for “Lessons Learned,” they run through Times Square stripping all along. Best part? The cops that tackle them totally weren’t planned, but make the video ten times better.

  • Carl Sagan, Remixed When we posted about this a few months ago, we were shocked at how well this remix worked. Beyond being a good video, it’s a good song – way better than most video mashups turn out being.

  • Oddity with a budgetDan Deacon’s been on the winning end of the viral video game before, but he’s clearly never had a budget as big as the one for “Padding Ghost,” which is way more palatable than those videos, but just as fun.

21 May 2009 08:36


Culture: “Terminator Salvation” director McG really hates his clever name

  • Believe me, I know, people hear the name and they just think, ‘That guy must be a jerk.’ And having it hasn’t helped me, that’s for sure. But it’s what everybody has called me forever.
  • Director McG • Who has gotten a lot of mileage out of a career that started with co-writing songs for Sugar Ray, but says his name has become a huge impediment as a major action movie director. Along with his fear of flying – his inability to get on a plane a few years back cost him the chance to direct the last “Superman” movie. He’s better now, but it sounds like he has some issues. Like his name – which he’s been called since he was a kid. • source

10 Mar 2009 10:27


Music, Tech: YouTube plays hardball with music videos in the UK

  • It couldn’t agree on fees, so now the videos are gone. YouTube is in the midst of a disagreement with the U.K.’s Performing Rights Society over royalties on music videos. While they’re committed to working with the PRS, YouTube is upset that the suggested rates are so high and do not want to lose income each time a video is played. This oughta be fun. source