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19 Mar 2010 08:17


Offbeat: Rich Indians in helicopters: A bizarre New York Times trend story

Step one: Take newly rich Indian farmers. Step two: Give them helicopters. Rinse and repeat. Let’s see Danny Boyle try to romanticize this. source

24 Jul 2009 11:15


Offbeat, World: Scientific method at work: Does naked girls + farming = rain?

  • That’s what some farmers in India are trying. The farmers, located in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, told their unmarried daughters to get naked and plow the fields after sunset in an attempt to embarrass the gods and convince them to bring on monsoon weather. The farmers are currently in the midst to the worst start of monsoon season in eight decades. Might as well work the nudity angle, right? source

02 Jun 2009 10:42


Offbeat: Long-suffering farmers: Watch out for the giant 600-foot jellyfish

This 600-foot beast convinced us of what we already knew: crop circles are probably man-made by massive nerdlingers. source

10 Feb 2009 20:33


Offbeat: You a farmer? Sow your seed on the singles market

  • Because finding the farmer’s daughter is tough. There are niche dating sites for Christians, fat people and emo kids. So why shouldn’t there be one for people who wake up early to run the tractor and make sure their crop isn’t ruined? That’s the theory behind Farmers Only, your best chance at creating your own American Gothic. It’s led to a bunch of marriages and possibly a little making out behind the barn. source