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19 Mar 2010 08:17


Offbeat: Rich Indians in helicopters: A bizarre New York Times trend story

Step one: Take newly rich Indian farmers. Step two: Give them helicopters. Rinse and repeat. Let’s see Danny Boyle try to romanticize this. source

21 Apr 2009 10:29


Culture, World: Police are investigating that crazy “Slumdog” child sale claim

  • “News of the World” is probably full of it, but might as well check. Indian police are investigating claims by the British rag that Rafiq Qureshi, father of “Slumdog Millionaire” child star Rubina Ali, tried selling his child for a big payday, a claim he understandably denies. We wish we could just ignore their claims out of hand, but they were right about the Michael Phelps thing. source

20 Apr 2009 10:00


Culture, World: A “Slumdog” child actress + the British press = Sketchiness

  • “My daughter is not for sale.” You mean he had to clarify? Rafiq Qureshi, father of “Slumdog Millionaire” child actress Rubina Ali, denies reports that he demanded money to sell his now-famous daughter. British rag News of the World (who broke the Michael Phelps pot scandal) apparently tried to trick him into selling his daughter, under the guise that he was talking to a wealthy Arab couple looking to adopt, not some douchebag with zero ethics working as an intern for News of the World. He said he was trapped into a tempting situation but never once tried to sell her. You suck, News of the World. source

03 Mar 2009 23:45


Culture: “Slumdog” is slummin’ among best-picture winners

  • 31st “Slumdog Millionaire’s” rank on the list of the Oscar best-picture winners (out of 82 flicks)
  • 1st “The Godfather’s” rank on the list, put together by movie aggregator Rotten Tomatoes source

23 Feb 2009 01:06


Culture: “Slumdog” wasn’t slumming at the Oscars

It won “Best Picture.” And many of the major non-acting awards. Whoo! source

22 Jan 2009 09:01


Culture: Other top Oscar nod-getters: “Slumdog,” “Dark Knight,” “Milk”

  • 10 Oscar nominations for Slumdog Millionaire, the previous frontrunner (well, before today)
  • 8 each for both The Dark Knight and Milk – both kinda obvious pieces of Oscar bait source

12 Jan 2009 00:24


Culture: The big winner at the Golden Globes

Slumdog Millionaire won all four awards it was nominated for, including “Best Motion Picture Drama.” source