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27 Feb 2011 12:12


Culture: Razzies: Of course “The Last Airbender” won big. We mean, really.

  • The big Razzie superstar: M. Night Shyamalan kept up with his track record of producing reliable Razzie “winners” and scored five trophies last night, including “Worst Picture,” for his widely-criticized live-action version of “The Last Airbender,” a popular Nickelodeon toon. Beyond the usual crapfest that might follow a film like this, it wins a little extra because the characters are largely Asian but the lead actors chosen to play them were mostly white – a decision made all the stranger because Shyamalan is Asian himself. source

08 Mar 2010 10:33


Culture: Last night’s Oscars, in a few short words: Completely expected

  • six Oscars for “The Hurt Locker,” including Best Picture and Best Director
  • zero non-technical awards for megahit competitor “Avatar” (it won three)
  • zero surprises – pretty much all the pre-ceremony favorites won source

31 Jan 2010 20:45


Culture: Straight pimpin’: Stephen Colbert pulls out an iPad at the Grammys

  • How does Stephen Colbert get an iPad before Julius does, anyway? Julius is way more deserving of the Steve plate. But that said, it makes for the best Grammy moment in ages.

24 Jan 2010 10:24


Culture: We live in a world where Sandra Bullock has a real chance at an Oscar

  • If you look at my career, I don’t think anyone would have said one day I can see her up here, no one would have predicted it, especially not me.
  • “The Blind Side” star Sandra Bullock • Regarding her win at the Screen Actors’ Guild awards last night. Bullock, already a winner at the Golden Globes, has a real shot at an Oscar, but don’t tell her that, because she shushed a reporter who tried to do just that. Her career is scattered with romantic roles and “Speed” – not exactly the resume of a perennial awards contender. So this is pretty odd. source

03 Nov 2009 19:42


Culture: In case you’re wondering, the Oscars have had multiple hosts before

  • 1986 the last time the Oscars rocked three hosts source

18 Jun 2009 20:45


Tech, U.S.: We swear, this RIAA case must’ve had the dumbest jury ever

  • 24 songs Number of MP3s file-sharer Jammie Thomas-Rasset was being sued over by the RIAA
  • $1.92 million Amount in damages a jury loaded with dumb@$$es awarded the recording industry source

23 Feb 2009 01:06


Culture: “Slumdog” wasn’t slumming at the Oscars

It won “Best Picture.” And many of the major non-acting awards. Whoo! source

22 Feb 2009 10:13


Culture: The Razzies name a new set of crapsterpieces

  • She is the 21st century Zsa Zsa Gabor. She is famous for who she hangs out with. She’s not famous for any talent she has yet exhibited. She may end up working with Uwe Boll. She could be the head vampire in ‘Bloodrayne 3.’
  • John Wilson • Razzies founder, on this year’s “winners,” including Paris Hilton and Uwe Boll, both of whom came out stinking last night. The big “winner,” though, was Mike Myers’ “The Love Guru,” which walked away with Worst Picture. • source

09 Feb 2009 08:01


Music: Dear Grammys, why did the safe choice win again?

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, album of the year? Way to put me to sleep. source

05 Feb 2009 21:11


Music: M.I.A. will be F.I.A. at the Grammys – on her due date!

  • She’s nine months preggers, kids. The “Paper Planes” singer with sketchy political ties has accepted an opportunity to perform at the Grammys this Sunday, where “Planes” is nominated for Record of the Year. But while that’s great and all (and props to the Grammy organizers for actually getting someone cool this year), she’s so pregnant right now that she’s about to burst. If she bursts during her performance, we may burst too – with laughter. source