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22 Feb 2009 10:13


Culture: The Razzies name a new set of crapsterpieces

  • She is the 21st century Zsa Zsa Gabor. She is famous for who she hangs out with. She’s not famous for any talent she has yet exhibited. She may end up working with Uwe Boll. She could be the head vampire in ‘Bloodrayne 3.’
  • John Wilson • Razzies founder, on this year’s “winners,” including Paris Hilton and Uwe Boll, both of whom came out stinking last night. The big “winner,” though, was Mike Myers’ “The Love Guru,” which walked away with Worst Picture. • source

21 Jan 2009 16:08


Culture: Other Razzie noms: Paris, Eww-eh Boll, M. Night Suckathon

  • Uwe Boll, please stop. The much-maligned director received five nominations for his crapsterpiece “In the Name of the King,” four of them he earned on his own. Raspberries curator John Wilson noted that Boll is the gift that keeps on, um, giving. “He was the overwhelming choice to receive our career achievement award,” Wilson said.
  • Stupid twist of fate M. Night Shyamalan had one good movie with a twist, “The Sixth Sense.” Then he just kept making movies with twists, and the twists (and the movies) got worse and worse. He got four nominations for “The Happening,” a flick with a twist involving plants being the villain. Great. Because that’s totally a great idea for a movie.
  • No love lost on ParisParis Hilton, much like Boll and Shyamalan, is a regular target of Razzie hate, and she got a bunch of it for her “wonderful” film “The Hottie and the Nottie” (which got two noms) and the cameo in the film “Repo! The Genetic Opera” (which also got a nom; they leave no bad-film stone unturned, do they?). source