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08 Apr 2009 10:16


Music, World: M.I.A. is ticking off the Sri Lankan government again

  • Many have already perished from starvation and preventable disease. We cannot ignore these genocidal conditions, and if the aim of the SL Government is to protect the lives of the civilians, then this ship will reach its destination and lives will be saved.
  • M.I.A. (a.k.a. Maya Arulpragasam) • Who’s put herself in the middle of a conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the U.K.-based Act Now organization, which is trying to send aid to the country which is supposed to be for civilians caught in the conflict between Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, but the Sri Lankan military fears may be headed for Tamil forces. She’s ruffled these feathers before. • source

15 Feb 2009 20:25


Music, Offbeat: M.I.A. had her baby. Then she posted this weird video.

We think you have to fly like paper and be high like planes to truly enjoy it. (BTW, congrats Maya!) source

12 Feb 2009 11:06


Music, World: Is M.I.A. an apologist for the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka?

  • She’s unknown at home Despite her massive critical acclaim, the ubiquity of her hit “Paper Planes” and her recent Grammy and Oscar nominations, she remains fairly unknown in her homeland, Sri Lanka. Those who do know her claim she’s an apologist for the Tamil Tigers, the separatist group which has fought a lengthy civil war for independence.
  • In her words M.I.A., born Maya Arulpragasam, recently commented on the crisis in an interview on Tavis Smiley’s PBS talk show. “Being the only Tamil in the Western media, I have a really great opportunity to sort of bring forward what’s going on in Sri Lanka,” she said “There’s a genocide going on.”
  • Fighting art with artMany Sri Lankans who have seen M.I.A.’s videos claim that her imagery either glorifies or supports the cause. M.I.A. says she doesn’t support terrorism, but at least one rapper has taken her head-on: DeLon, a Sinhalese rapper based in L.A., put up a video remix which directly attacks the singer’s stance. source

05 Feb 2009 21:11


Music: M.I.A. will be F.I.A. at the Grammys – on her due date!

  • She’s nine months preggers, kids. The “Paper Planes” singer with sketchy political ties has accepted an opportunity to perform at the Grammys this Sunday, where “Planes” is nominated for Record of the Year. But while that’s great and all (and props to the Grammy organizers for actually getting someone cool this year), she’s so pregnant right now that she’s about to burst. If she bursts during her performance, we may burst too – with laughter. source