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12 Jul 2010 23:24


Music: Pitchfork plays turncoat on M.I.A. and her new album, /\/\/\Y/\

  • Right or wrong, the social contract is simple: If you bring the hits, we’ll put up with your #(&@. With
    /\/\ /\ Y /\, M.I.A. has broken that contract. And she could not have chosen a worse time to do it.
  • Pitchfork reviewer Matthew Perpetua • Ruining M.I.A.’s entire week with a 4.4 album review that simply savages the wildly experimental political rapper. She’s not had much good press of late, what with a New York Times Magazine article that simply did not put her in a good light (and a huge fight that revolved around truffle fries – no joke), and this review will likely compound her problems. When you fall from 8.9 to 4.4 on Pitchfork in the span of an album, it’s not helpful to your career. Just ask Travis Morrison. source

08 Apr 2009 10:16


Music, World: M.I.A. is ticking off the Sri Lankan government again

  • Many have already perished from starvation and preventable disease. We cannot ignore these genocidal conditions, and if the aim of the SL Government is to protect the lives of the civilians, then this ship will reach its destination and lives will be saved.
  • M.I.A. (a.k.a. Maya Arulpragasam) • Who’s put herself in the middle of a conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the U.K.-based Act Now organization, which is trying to send aid to the country which is supposed to be for civilians caught in the conflict between Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, but the Sri Lankan military fears may be headed for Tamil forces. She’s ruffled these feathers before. • source