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22 Dec 2011 10:00


Politics: Karl Rove: Republicans lost the payroll tax cut battle, and badly

  • That’s what he says in a new op-ed column: “The GOP leaders have somehow managed the remarkable feat of being blamed for opposing a one-year extension of a tax holiday that they are surely going to pass,” he writes. “This is no easy double play.” He also suggests that Republicans in Congress might have helped hand Obama an early 2012 victory. When you’ve lost Rove, you know you’ve messed up pretty badly. source

28 Oct 2010 11:00


Politics: Karl Rove, that ever-present plotter, is attacking Sarah Palin now

  • He says she lacks the “gravitas” to be president in 2012. Now, let’s admit it. There’s probably a few people who agree with this assessment completely. But this is Karl Rove, so you know that there’s probably more going on here. And of course, during his interview with the Daily Telegraph, he also stuck the dagger in: “With all due candour, appearing on your own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I am not certain how that fits in the American calculus of ‘that helps me see you in the Oval Office’.” Our take? Karl Rove gets no benefit from Tea Partiers getting more influence. And, well, let’s face it. Common sense (which we learned from Mr. Hanley in our AP Government class) dictates that if you’re running for political office, you need to appeal to the center to win elections. Karl gets that. The Tea Party, in some ways, fights this logic completely. source

22 Oct 2010 23:13


Politics, U.S.: Old Karl Rove, meet New Karl Rove

  • Things that weaken the parties and place the outcome of elections in the hands of billionaires who can write checks and political consultants who can get themselves hired by billionaires who write the checks, give me some concern.
  • Karl Rove in 2004 • Denouncing the rise of independent 527 groups and their influence on that year’s election. In March of this year, Rove founded his own 527 group, American Crossroads, to fund conservative candidates. In June, he co-founded an offshoot group that allows its donors to remain anonymous. source

19 Sep 2010 23:26


Politics: Max Headroom: Had enough Christine O’Donnell yet? Here’s more

  • We’re with Karl Rove While Rove has taken a lot of heat for his stance on Christine O’Donnell, the fact of the matter is that she has to deal with the many issues her campaign is bringing up. Also, Rove wants to get a GOP majority and he can’t do that with people not moving to the center.
  • Izzard > O’DonnellBill Maher’s happy ’cause had the incredible foresight to book O’Donnell dozens of times on “Politically Incorrect.” But the real winner here is “NaughtButEddie,” whose Eddie Izzard-focused clip was mentioned on “Real Time With Bill Maher” the other night.
  • Saget: Attentive listener You know, her time on “Politically Incorrect” is looking more and more like a liability on the surface, but at the same time, she’s smart and eloquent, even when you disagree with her on Leviticus. She had Bob “worst Aristocrats joke ever” Saget’s full attention.

17 Sep 2010 20:41


18 Feb 2010 10:39


Politics: Karl Rove to Tea Parties: Don’t merge with the GOP, guys

  • My advice to them is to keep their distance from any single party and instead influence both parties on debt, spending and an over-reaching federal government.
  • Former Bush strategist Karl Rove • On what he thinks the Tea Party movement should do to grow in influence. There had been talk of directly aligning with the Repulbican party, though some sects of the movement disagreed. But he points out that, to gain mainstream influence, “they must now begin the difficult task of disassociating themselves from cranks and conspiracy nuts.” That oughta be fun. source

29 Dec 2009 20:36


Politics: Karl Rove gets divorced not from reality, but from his wife

You gotta hand it to Karl. When he carries around the old ball and chain, he keeps it secure. Well, for 24 years, anyway. So much for family values. source

08 Nov 2009 23:40


Politics: Max headroom: SNL parodies Fox News, Lindsey Graham goes DOA

  • Health care DOA? On “Face the Nation” today, Sen. Lindsey Graham trashed the health care bill like he was throwing it in a compactor and then burning it. Pulling no punches, he said it was DOA and had no chance of passing in the Senate. Harsh words.

  • His district’s needsJoseph Cao’s biggest sticking point was abortion; with that decided, he made a “decision of conscience” based on his low-income district’s needs. Cao’s district covers areas of New Orleans heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

  • Fox News farceLast night, “Saturday Night Live” had one of the best Fox News parodies we’ve seen. Best quote comes from “Karl Rove”: “Let’s not forget that it was under HIS watch that we lost the King of Pop.” And “Glenn Beck” is pretty dead-on too.

18 Oct 2009 23:23


Politics: Max Headroom: More on the White House’s war against Fox News

  • “Chicago-style”? On Fox News, Bush-era White House strategist Karl Rove suggests that the Obama administration is carrying around an enemies list and is full of Chicago-style politicians. Is that kinda like Chicago-style pizza, Karl? That sounds tasty.

  • Axelrod’s grinding axWhite House strategist David Axelrod continues Anita Dunn’s strategy of trashing on the news value of Fox News. We think that this strategy has a lot of holes in it. And it’s making Rupert Murdoch more money.

  • Insuring criticismRepublican senator John Kyl may regret saying this. When tackling the Afghan war versus the cost of health care on “Meet the Press,” he says that the uninsured won’t die from the lack of insurance. Yeah man, whatever.

25 Sep 2009 10:19


Politics: Karl Rove doesn’t like when Obama uses the tactics he used

  • Obama In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, the political kingmaker criticized Obama for being out in the press too much, saying the constant “chattering runs the risk of making him boring and stale.”
  • Bush Ironically, though, former Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer writes in “Speech-Less” that Rove believed “that the president needed to be out speaking every day no matter what the subject.” Hmm. source