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15 Jul 2011 21:53


Politics: Republicans Senator: “We’ve got nobody to blame but ourselves”

  • Maybe the debt ceiling was the wrong place to pick a fight, as it related to trying to get our country’s house in order…maybe that was the wrong place to do it.
  • GOP Senator Bob Corker • In a shockingly frank admission that the Republicans overplayed their obstructionist hand. The phrase “pick a fight” implies antagonism for antagonism’s sake which, if one reflects on the Republican party’s behavior over the last three years, would seem an appropriate implication. Another Senate Republican, Lindsey Graham, had a similar confession: “Our problem is we made a big deal about this for three months…we’ve got nobody to blame but ourselves.” Yes, indeed. These confessions bode well for the prospects of a deal passing the Senate, but the House remains another question entirely. source

19 Dec 2010 21:06


Politics: South Carolina’s OTHER GOP Senator makes a lame-duck excuse

  • If you really want to have a chance of passing START, you better start over and do it in the next Congress, because this lame duck has been poisoned.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham • Trying to make an argument that Congress shouldn’t be working on passing the START treaty right now because it’s a lame-duck Congress. WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT. Are you sure this duck is really all that lame? Seems like they’ve gotten a lot of stuff done in just a couple of weeks. A tax compromise. A major food-safety bill. A repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a piece of major social legislation … and a bunch of other stuff. Now, Lindsey Graham is one of the more level-headed Republicans in the Senate, but this just feels like a different spin on the whole “it’s Christmas” argument his South Carolina counterpart, Jim DeMint, was trying to pass off last week. Stop whining guys; it’ll be a lot less painful when it’s over. source

05 Sep 2010 22:20


Politics: Max Headroom: Looking ahead to Obama’s jumpstart plans

  • MCcain’s takeHaving saved himself from the brink of a tough primary, John McCain’s now got the economy and his party’s political future on his mind, both of which he talks about at length with Chris Wallace. He says that people have “lost confidence” in Obama’s economy-fixing skills.
  • Lindsey’s takeIn twelve seconds, Lindsey Graham (a far more moderate Republican than McCain, even) says what it take McCain to say in twelve minutes. Obama’s tone-deaf on a number of issues (including the economy), and that’s why Republicans are going to win big in November.
  • Alex Jones’ takeOh, who are we kidding? This is just a hilarious piece on that insane conspiracy theorist radio host whose videos are always on YouTube. Nightline did a piece on him, and it’s pretty effin’ hilarious. Nightline calls his work “paranoia porn.” That’s pretty spot-on.

20 Jul 2010 13:18


U.S.: Elena Kagan’s nomination out of committee, on way to confirmation

  • 13-6 the vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee to back Kagan
  • one Republican, Lindsey Graham, broke ranks to support her source

27 Apr 2010 10:12


Politics: Sen. Lindsey Graham an oddball ’cause he tries to compromise

  • I guess the word ‘maverick’ is out of vogue. But I would say he’s courageous. He’s willing to risk political capital in order to solve problems. Everybody scratches their head about it, because such a trait is unusual.
  • GOP consultant John Weaver • Regarding Sen. Lindsey Graham and his ability to put his political stature on the line to actually work with people. The climate change thing has him angry because he spent a lot of time putting himself on the line. It’s led to a tight relationship with the White House, even if it is a little biting at times. “Rahm has a good relationship with him,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs. “The president has a good relationship with him. Many folks here do.” source

24 Apr 2010 22:49


Politics: Lindsey Graham angry over immigration bill push

  • Moving forward on immigration — in this hurried, panicked manner — is nothing more than a cynical political ploy. I know from my own personal experience the tremendous amounts of time, energy and effort that must be devoted to this issue to make even limited progress.
  • South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham • On why he’s pulling his support for the climate change bill. Simply put, with the new restrictive Arizona law fresh in people’s minds, Democrats seem to want to push immigration ahead of climate change, and it’s making Graham pretty angry. Just a note, though: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not made a decision one way or the other.  He just hasn’t firmly said that climate change will go first, and that’s what has Graham so angry (understandably). source

20 Dec 2009 23:22


Politics: Max Headroom: If snow’s involved, it must be an anti-war protest

  • Fox News Fail For some reason, Fox News chose to report the snowball fight story (which we covered directly below) as an anti-war protest … when it clearly wasn’t. Those twentysomethings are gathering! They must be protesting war or something.

  • Voice of the left How’d he get on “Meet the Press”? Markos Moulitsas, a.k.a. the guy behind liberal blog Daily Kos, got to sit up at the table with the big boys and tell them why the health care plan sucks. Honestly, it’s pretty cool that he’s considered this influential.

  • Lindsey’s madSouth Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, on the other hand, got to go on about why he thinks the health care plan sucks for a different reason – Ben Nelson got a sweetheart deal that he thinks his state can benefit from. Does this GOP complaint have legs?

22 Nov 2009 22:56


Politics: Max Headroom: Abortion, George Will and enemy combatants

  • Debbie does Fox Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a pro-choice Democrat, made a pitch for abortion – and equality in health care for women – on Fox News. Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked if she’d get the Stupak amendment – the key to the House bill passing – overturned, and she said yes. That’s a lefty for ya.
  • No mincing words On ABC’s “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos asked whether Sarah Palin advanced her political career thanks to the hype around “Going Rogue.” George Will – a dusty old conservative, by the way – quipped that what Palin is doing is “not politics.” Damn, he let her have it.
  • Pressure pointWhen Sen. Lindsey Graham asked Attorney General Eric Holder about enemy combatants facing civilian trials through history, it was like a pin prick. CNN speculates Holder knew the answer, but knew it’d hurt politically – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would remain in jail no matter the outcome.

08 Nov 2009 23:40


Politics: Max headroom: SNL parodies Fox News, Lindsey Graham goes DOA

  • Health care DOA? On “Face the Nation” today, Sen. Lindsey Graham trashed the health care bill like he was throwing it in a compactor and then burning it. Pulling no punches, he said it was DOA and had no chance of passing in the Senate. Harsh words.

  • His district’s needsJoseph Cao’s biggest sticking point was abortion; with that decided, he made a “decision of conscience” based on his low-income district’s needs. Cao’s district covers areas of New Orleans heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

  • Fox News farceLast night, “Saturday Night Live” had one of the best Fox News parodies we’ve seen. Best quote comes from “Karl Rove”: “Let’s not forget that it was under HIS watch that we lost the King of Pop.” And “Glenn Beck” is pretty dead-on too.

04 Nov 2009 20:48


Politics: Lindsey Graham: Obama didn’t do the hard stuff to close Gitmo

  • And let me just say, the president, quite frankly, has screwed this up. You know, he announces on the first day of his being inaugurated that he’s going to close Guantanamo Bay and he didn’t do the hard stuff.
  • South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham • Describing his disappointment with the Obama administration’s handling of the Guantanamo Bay closing, noting the lack of prosecution of terrorism suspects which would make a closing possible. Graham, by the way, supported Obama’s plan. In response, the White House says the Bush administration left them with a lot of work to do. More than 200 cases for 200 inmates need to be sorted out. • source