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01 Jul 2010 11:18


Politics: Daily Kos’ pollster was making stuff up? We’re not making this up.

  • And now the liberal-leaning site is suing Research 2000. Fans of seeing those on the far left fall on their faces, this is your lawsuit. Daily Kos’ polling company, Research 2000, reportedly made up a number of widely-reported surveys which it did for Kos. Worse, they would not give Kos the raw data for these surveys (which they paid over $100,000 for), further raising suspicions. You know, we’ve been critical of right-leaning pollsters Rasmussen in the past, but we’re pretty sure they’ve done nothing like this (and that their data is actually sound). source

03 Feb 2010 09:49


Politics: Left-leaning Daily Kos’ new poll makes the right look craaaaazy

  • 39% of Republicans think that Obama should be impeached for some reason
  • 36% think that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. (thanks for that misinformation, Orly Taitz)
  • 53% think that Sarah Palin is somehow more qualified to be president than Obama source

20 Dec 2009 23:22


Politics: Max Headroom: If snow’s involved, it must be an anti-war protest

  • Fox News Fail For some reason, Fox News chose to report the snowball fight story (which we covered directly below) as an anti-war protest … when it clearly wasn’t. Those twentysomethings are gathering! They must be protesting war or something.

  • Voice of the left How’d he get on “Meet the Press”? Markos Moulitsas, a.k.a. the guy behind liberal blog Daily Kos, got to sit up at the table with the big boys and tell them why the health care plan sucks. Honestly, it’s pretty cool that he’s considered this influential.

  • Lindsey’s madSouth Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, on the other hand, got to go on about why he thinks the health care plan sucks for a different reason – Ben Nelson got a sweetheart deal that he thinks his state can benefit from. Does this GOP complaint have legs?