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24 Feb 2012 14:48


Politics: Comedian Bill Maher: Now a major pro-Obama Super PAC donor

  • $1 million donated to the poorly-named Priorities USA Action source
  • » But wait … isn’t that a conflict of interest? Granted, Maher, who leans on the liberal side but has called himself libertarian in the past, doesn’t exactly hide his political views, but considering he’s a commentator who regularly questions both sides of the aisle, you wonder if that crosses an ethical line. Then again, will his audience care? On the other hand, as the Christian Science Monitor points out, Maher tends to do better, comedy-wise, when there’s a Republican in office, so this might hurt him a little. By the way, Maher’s announcement, which came during a Yahoo webcast, was a bit of a shock to those in the audience, though Maher had fun with the announcement, mocking the name of the Super PAC he’s donating to.

11 Feb 2012 14:19


Politics: Real Time: Bill Maher blasts Republicans for divisive tactics

  • Bill Maher Says GOP Is “Dividing America”: During last night’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, the host lambasted Republicans for taking a divisive approach to politics. Saying the current crop of GOP candidates could save Americans time by simply disclosing “which parts of America they don’t hate”, Maher pointed out that members of the GOP regularly denigrate “East Coast Elites and San Francisco Liberals” — among other groups — while simultaneously accusing the President of dividing the country. (Edit: fixed minor spelling error, thanks Portorock for tip) source

30 Oct 2010 20:39


Culture: Awesome: Zach Galifianakis turns pot panel into pot party

  • Someone has to start to break the taboo against marijuana, and it might as well be Zach Galifianakis. Strange, we would’ve assumed Lawrence O’Donnell would’ve done it.

04 Oct 2010 22:35


Politics: Jon Stewart, Christine O’Donnell combined into one quote

  • They’ll think somehow that that will resonate with voters, that 20 years ago Christine O’Donnell on MTV said ‘Masturbation is a sin.’ And they’ll play it, and they’ll ridicule it, and the voters will be like, ‘Yeah, I don’t have a job.’ That’s how they’ll blow it.
  • Jon “I’ve been in the news a lot lately” Stewart • Making a key point about another person who’s been in the news a lot lately, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, during a NPR interview. We can’t find any fault in his warning to Democrats, really. In other Stewart news, the dude apparently got an apology from Rick Sanchez today. In other Christine O’Donnell news, she released her first full campaign ad today, and it’s very apologetic about her various weird statements in the ’90s. In other other Christine O’Donnell news, Bill Maher is really pissed that she hasn’t gone on his show. “It hurt me. It hurt me very deeply,” Maher said. “I don’t like it when people forget who they’re friends are, you know, who they started out with.” Oh, and there’s also this. Wait, that’s only from 2006! And it has nothing to do with the culture wars! source

25 Sep 2010 14:54


19 Sep 2010 23:26


Politics: Max Headroom: Had enough Christine O’Donnell yet? Here’s more

  • We’re with Karl Rove While Rove has taken a lot of heat for his stance on Christine O’Donnell, the fact of the matter is that she has to deal with the many issues her campaign is bringing up. Also, Rove wants to get a GOP majority and he can’t do that with people not moving to the center.
  • Izzard > O’DonnellBill Maher’s happy ’cause had the incredible foresight to book O’Donnell dozens of times on “Politically Incorrect.” But the real winner here is “NaughtButEddie,” whose Eddie Izzard-focused clip was mentioned on “Real Time With Bill Maher” the other night.
  • Saget: Attentive listener You know, her time on “Politically Incorrect” is looking more and more like a liability on the surface, but at the same time, she’s smart and eloquent, even when you disagree with her on Leviticus. She had Bob “worst Aristocrats joke ever” Saget’s full attention.

19 Sep 2010 20:31


Politics: Posted without comment: Christine O’Donnell’s witchcraft comments


21 Feb 2010 23:37


Politics: Max Headroom: Mitch McConnell swears on live TV. Awesome!

  • Skip to the 2:00 mark Mitch McConnell said a lot of stuff about health care and how he hates the Democrats in this interview on “Fox News Sunday,” but we only heard him say one word. And yes, it’s a profanity. Way to go, Senator! You’re a regular Rahm Emanuel!

  • Mike Pence can’t spell On “Meet the Press,” Rep. Mike Pence manages to get past the creepy guy at the 5 second mark to complain about the upcoming health care summit, which he claims the Democrats will spell S-E-T-U-P. Wait a second …

  • Bayh a “corporatist”? On “Larry King Live” the other night, Bill Maher said some damning things about Evan Bayh. “He’ll become a lobbyist now, which is what he was before.” Oof! The meat is in the first minute and a half, but the rest is good, too.