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17 Aug 2010 21:28


Politics: How Dr. Laura fell out of favor and ended her show in only a week

  • 08/10 Dr. Laura took a phone call from a black caller in an interracial marriage that involved using the “N” word nearly a dozen times.
  • 08/11 After getting ripped on or the call, she apologized, saying that her response to the caller was the “wrong thing.” Sorry about that.
  • 08/16 The liberal blog Media Matters for America decided to go after her show’s sponsors over the comments. They drew blood.
  • 08/17 Unlike Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura folded immediately, announcing on “Larry King Live” that her show was ending. source

17 Aug 2010 21:12


29 Jun 2010 20:12


Culture: Larry King: He has kids young enough to be in little league

  • With this chapter closing I’m looking forward to the future and what my next chapter will bring, but for now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.
  • Uber-host Larry King • Letting time (and low ratings) take their course. King, who’s outlasted nearly all of CNN’s on-air talent, ended weeks of speculation about his future and CNN’s overall ratings by stepping aside. He claims he’s going to spend more time with his kids, but will be back for on-air specials. This means that Anderson Cooper will be the only part of CNN’s prime-time left by the fall. We think it was a Lady Gaga hit job. source

29 Jun 2010 19:42


21 Feb 2010 23:37


Politics: Max Headroom: Mitch McConnell swears on live TV. Awesome!

  • Skip to the 2:00 mark Mitch McConnell said a lot of stuff about health care and how he hates the Democrats in this interview on “Fox News Sunday,” but we only heard him say one word. And yes, it’s a profanity. Way to go, Senator! You’re a regular Rahm Emanuel!

  • Mike Pence can’t spell On “Meet the Press,” Rep. Mike Pence manages to get past the creepy guy at the 5 second mark to complain about the upcoming health care summit, which he claims the Democrats will spell S-E-T-U-P. Wait a second …

  • Bayh a “corporatist”? On “Larry King Live” the other night, Bill Maher said some damning things about Evan Bayh. “He’ll become a lobbyist now, which is what he was before.” Oof! The meat is in the first minute and a half, but the rest is good, too.