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27 Apr 2011 17:08


Tech: FDA approves new anti-baldness robot, because why not?

  • Meet the new robot on the block: Big news for bald Americans — the Artas System has been approved by the FDA. It’s a contraption that you position over your scalp, which then uses a robotic arm to harvest your hair follicles. These are stored until they can be methodically re-implanted (using standard hair transplant means, we presume) into your scalp in areas where you’re a little thin. There is a catch, however — the device only works on people with black or brown hair. We think going with the shaved head look still sounds easier, and a hell of a lot cheaper, but hey! Medical science marches on. source

12 Apr 2011 16:18


Offbeat: Obama brain surgery scar conspiracy hits the web

  • At absolutely any cost: Conspiracy theories can be dangerous at their logical extremes. That said, they can also be pretty funny, when the jumps in logic and assumptions become so pronounced and inane that you can almost see the rumor’s creator feverishly hammering a square peg against a round hole. With that in mind: this picture proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our President has had brain surgery. See that innocuous looking, faint line through the side of his hair? That’s hard proof. And if somebody’s been tinkering inside Obama’s brain… well, just think of the implications of that! (h/t Mediaite) source

05 Jan 2011 01:02


U.S.: Scientists know why you’re going bald (it’s not what you think)

  • The fact that there are normal numbers of stem cells in bald scalp gives us hope for reactivating those stem cells.
  • Dr George Cotsarelis • Raising optimism towards the idea that baldness can be reversed. Cotsarelis and his team at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that the root of baldness is way different than anyone was expecting – instead of hair falling out, the hair grows so small as to be invisible to the human eye. But on the plus side, this could possibly be reversed through the use of creams and other things to get those stem cells doing their thing. No word on whether Cotsarelis is also a client of Hair Club for Mensource

22 Aug 2010 10:37


Politics: At Chicago’s Comic Con, Blago outdrew the big stars

  • $50 the amount people paid for a signature from the hair himself
  • $80 the amount people paid to get in a photo with said hair source

10 Aug 2009 21:32


Offbeat: Redheads are in fact different from the rest of us, say dentists

  • A gene mutation makes them feel pain more. The American Dental Association recently published a study in their medical journal and found that redheads are more sensitive to pain at the dentist – requiring more anesthesia and often avoiding dentist visits as a result. The ADA blames the gene MC1R, which redheads and some brown-headed stepchildren also have. We wish we understood, guys. But we don’t. Sorry. source

09 Apr 2009 10:31


Sports: Did Lance Armstrong delay his drug testing?

  • What happened? A drug tester went to get samples from the unretired Armstrong, but agreed to wait 20 minutes while he showered and while Armstrong’s assistant’s checked the tester’s background.
  • No evasion, he says Armstrong (whose blood, urine and hair samples came out clean, by the way), denies being evasive, saying he simply wasn’t sure of the identity of the tester. It raised eyebrows, though. source

07 Apr 2009 02:14


Music: Where’s the option to tell KISS to stop touring?

In case you’re looking to demand that the painted foursome play in your town, Eventful has a contest for that purpose. source

02 Apr 2009 20:45


U.S.: Notable number of the day #1: Charges against Blago

  • 16 federal felony charges against the guy with the hair source