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14 Jun 2011 17:19


Politics: The high cost of political sabotage in Wisconsin

  • $428k cost for fake primaries in Wisconsin source
  • » Big money for big trickery: As you may have heard, the Republican Party in Wisconsin is facing a grim reality — recall elections are looming, and there’s a pretty decent chance the outcomes will tilt legislative power towards the Democrats. The reason, broadly speaking, is the passion and anger towards the state GOP’s efforts to strip public union rights. As such, they’re is aiming to delay the elections to hope things have time to cool off. Their plan is unorthodox: running Republicans, as Democrats, against the Democratic opposition at the primary stage, thus forcing an extra election. Extra elections come with a cost to the state, though, and this is no different. Sort of hurts the whole cash-strapped, “gotta cut back, gotta strip these union rights” narrative, huh?

09 Apr 2010 12:10


U.S.: Unemployed people’s benefits being held up by Congress again

  • 200,000 could lose benefits source

17 Jan 2010 12:29


Biz, World: Protip: If you want your donations to help people NOW, don’t text it

  • two seconds the amount of time it takes to send a text message donation to the Red Cross (or other sources)
  • three months the amount of time it could take for that donation to reach its destination; WTF? source

28 Dec 2009 21:55


Culture: In 2010, expect to see lots of reheated leftovers at the box office

  • 16 of the 28 films out in 1Q ’10 were shot years ago source

11 Dec 2009 01:35


U.S.: Pennsylvania screwed over thousands thanks to a budget holdout

  • 101 the number of days Pennsylvania’s budget was delayed
  • 16,000 workers had to get loans due to the budget delay source

28 Nov 2009 22:38


U.S.: Tareq and Michaele Salahi pull a Tiger Woods, shy away from media

  • They canceled on Larry King! They canceled on Larry King! The world, waiting to hear what Tareq and Michaele Salahi were trying to pull by their state dinner appearance, sat impatiently waiting after hearing they held off on the soft-pedal chat with Larry. They’re not ready for redemption – at least not yet. Question: Is the value of their redemption as good as nothing, like turning in a coupon for cash? source

15 Sep 2009 20:37


U.S.: Protip: If you’re on death row, hide your veins really well

  • Romell Broom’s execution was delayed because they couldn’t find a vein. Of all the bizarre reasons to avoid an execution, Broom’s may be the most bizarre. Broom, convicted for the 1984 rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl, was to be executed today in Ohio, but could not be because they could not find a vein after looking for two hours. Governor Ted Strickland then gave him a one-week reprieve, during which time, those veins better come out. source

08 Jun 2009 17:03


Biz, U.S.: The Supreme Court blocks the Chrysler/Fiat sale. Whoa!

  • Wow. That was unexpected. The one thing that could stop the Chrysler/Fiat sale just happened. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg delayed the sale “pending further order.” Three Indiana state pension and construction funds were among the foremost opponents of the sale, which they felt left them financially out of the loop. The final sale, which the bankrupt company was counting on, could be delayed for weeks while the court makes a decision. Stay tuned to this Spidey-station. source

09 Apr 2009 10:31


Sports: Did Lance Armstrong delay his drug testing?

  • What happened? A drug tester went to get samples from the unretired Armstrong, but agreed to wait 20 minutes while he showered and while Armstrong’s assistant’s checked the tester’s background.
  • No evasion, he says Armstrong (whose blood, urine and hair samples came out clean, by the way), denies being evasive, saying he simply wasn’t sure of the identity of the tester. It raised eyebrows, though. source