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28 Sep 2011 23:56


Tech: Voltaire? Really, Kindle? That’s how you’re gonna play this?

  • “Fire” still looks cool, though: We kind of hate the pretentiousness of this entire ad. Amazon just released this ad to promote the new Kindle Fire … which appears to imply that a Voltaire quote inspired the name. Steve Jobs is probably cursing the hipster marketers at Amazon for just being so dang indie. How can the iPad compete with that?! source

03 Aug 2011 00:49


U.S., World: Jon Stewart’s words of inspiration from a soldier in Khandahar

  • We cooperate and we fight as hard as we can, because there will perhaps be disappointment but there will be no shame.
  • A specialist in the 655th TC, writing to Jon Stewart • In a letter Stewart mentioned on Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show.” Stewart used the episode to pay tribute to the soldiers fighting overseas after he paid a visit to Khandahar this past weekend. After displaying several t-shirts that he had promised to wear, he read some of his observations and thank yous. Stewart then read this quote from a letter from a young specialist, from one of the nicest letters he’s ever received. source

30 May 2009 18:07


Culture, U.S.: Obama inspires more works of art than your average president

  • 787 works of Obama art were recently offered on eBay source

22 Jan 2009 18:24


Tech: Need inspiration, bloggers? Time to get Plinky.

  • A service designed to give you ideas. Everyone who’s ever blogged has dealt with it; lazy blogger syndrome. But a startup created by a former Google staffer wants to make it easier for you to avoid it. If you need a couple of ideas, check out the just-launched Plinky, which combines social networking (along the lines of Twitter) and brainstorming (in the form of prompts and answers) for the win. Hopefully you’re not sick of social networking yet. source