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01 Apr 2011 20:51


U.S.: Ordering fast food may become more harrowing

  • NEW proposed FDA rules for calorie disclosure source
  • ┬╗ The implications: Restaurants and vending machines that have more than twenty locations or units, respectively, would be required to post the caloric content of their foods. Menu cards would also bear a generic message about 2,000 calories being the recommended daily intake. This was actually a mandate in the Affordable Care Act that passed last year; the FDA proposal would just be the beginning of that enforcement. So, basically, you’ll have to start closing your eyes when you get to the counter at Carl’s Jr. (or, for our southern brethren, Hardee’s).

26 May 2010 20:53


Culture: Dammit, Greyson: Ellen Degeneres is now a music mogul

  • Greyson Chance is the first signee on Ellen’s new label. Two weeks ago, the preteen Web sensation was made into an even bigger Web sensation by the hand of Ellen Degeneres, who put the Gaga-mimicking┬ásinger on the phone with Lady Gaga. Now he’s on Ellen’s new label, eleveneleven. We hope it’s a failure. Sorry Ellen. source

14 Mar 2010 20:56


Biz: EMI could be pulled in half by two different suitors

  • music Warner Music Group wants a
    piece of EMI’s recorded output,
    which includes such archive artists
    as the Beatles and such current
    artists as Coldplay.
  • lyrics KKR, a private equity group,
    would much prefer the half of EMI’s
    songs which are worth more in
    royalties, the publishing arm. EMI is
    broke, by the way. source

12 Jan 2010 11:06


Biz, Music: eMusic signs another major label, Warner Music. Hooray!

  • 10,000 new R.E.M. songs to buy source

13 Mar 2009 18:53


Culture, Music: The cake is a lie: Rihanna/Chris Brown duet not real

  • It was an old recording used for reference vocals. Apparently, word on the street was that the tumultuous relationship between the two was on the mend (which is apparently true still) and the reunion would be cemented by a new recording. Their label reps deny this and say the song in question was written for someone else and the couple hasn’t recorded together since the incident. So much for good rumors, kids. source