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10 Aug 2011 20:39


Culture: “Lopez Tonight” gets the ax; final episode is tomorrow night

  • 40% ratings drop; George Lopez, he ain’t no Conan source
  • » “Lopez Tonight” is no more. Apparently TBS couldn’t justify “high production costs of the program given the revenues coming in.” Let’s have a moment of silence for the comedian, who let Conan take his time slot but didn’t get a ratings bump in return.

09 Nov 2010 10:51


Culture: (Most) other late-night hosts commend Conan’s return

  • I want to congratulate Conan O’Brien and his crew. They’re back on television tonight. I don’t know when… son of a bitch! They’re on the same time as me. Now I’ll never be able to watch me.
  • Jon Stewart • Making a hilarious but well-placed commendation of Conan O’Brien’s return to late night on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Letterman, George Lopez and Craig Ferguson also made some pretty good send-offs to the returning late-night host. Note that none of those guys are on NBC. Just saying. (On a side note, Leno’s getting fellow pariah Christine O’Donnell later this week. Fitting?) source

13 Apr 2010 10:40


Culture: George Lopez wants Conan to know he’s wanted on TBS

  • Someone’s excited. George Lopez wanted to work with Conan O’Brien so badly that he pulled out one of his signature sketches last night. He also said this last night: “I want to say that I am completely 100% on board with this move. I talked to Conan on Wednesday and I talked to him last night and I said I welcome you into my deep loving embrace. Then I said let’s take the party and make it bigger and take it into the next generation of late-night TV.” Will it be the next generation? We have our fingers crossed. source