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22 Jun 2010 21:26


U.S.: At the top of South Carolina’s ticket: Nikki Haley, Alvin Greene

In case you were wondering, at least one state is probably going to have a bizarro hippie governor by the end of the election cycle. source

09 Jun 2010 22:44


Politics: Alvin Greene: Nikki Haley no longer most scandalous S.C. politician

  • tuesday Some unemployed former army guy without a Web site, Alvin Greene, somehow wins the Democratic primary in the state’s Senate race. Probably because nobody knew who the other guy was, either.
  • wednesday Conveniently, it comes out that Greene allegedly showed a college student some dirty stuff on a computer, which is a felony. The Democratic party, freaked out by this, wants him to quit. He won’t. This’ll be fun, guys. source

09 Jun 2010 00:06


U.S.: From Blanche to Meg, it’s ladies night in the 2010 primary races

  • yes Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas survived a Democratic primary runoff against Lt. Gov.  Bill Halter to stay in the race in the fall.
  • no South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki “scandal target” Haley didn’t get enough votes to prevent a runoff – but she almost did.
  • yes Meg Whitman easily won the Republican primary in the California governor’s race. If you can call easily spending lots of your own money. source
  • » Still on deck: Carly Fiorina’s the likely favorite to win the Republican primary for the Senate in California, but it’s still to early to call that race. And Nevada’s Republican Senate primary – a.k.a. the fight to win Harry Reid’s seat – hasn’t been decided yet.

24 May 2010 20:28


Politics: Sarah Palin misses key fact in Nikki Haley scandal criticism

  • The blogger she lumped in with the liberal media? Conservative. And on Haley’s payroll. Look, we’re pretty skeptical of the claims of Will Folks due to the apparent traffic-courting nature of the admission, but let’s get something clear. FITSnews, the blog in question, isn’t a “liberal rag,” as Palin put it. The blog is listed as a conservative blog on the Washington Post Political Blog Network. In fact, in his admission of the scandal, he notes that he thinks Haley is the best candidate. Seems like Palin’s people either shot before steadying their aim or were trying to mis-represent the facts completely. source

24 May 2010 15:10


Politics: Scandal for SEO? Why the Nikki Haley thing feels weird to us

  • one It was announced on a blog which covers South Carolina politics, by the guy who founded the blog.
  • two The blog is getting a lot of attention as a result of the whole thing, which boosts their advertising revenue and SEO.
  • three They’ve posted multiple times about a scandal that THEY created; seems weird to us, y’know. source
  • » We have an announcement to make, guys: We had a politically damaging (Nikki Haley) scandal fall into our lap (Nikki Haley) for the purposes of increasing our SEO. Doesn’t matter what it was (Nikki Haley) but we’re really sorry (Nikki Haley) that it happened. This is our last statement (Nikki Haley) but only our first post about it. We’re going to do as much coverage (Nikki Haley) as we possibly can.