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29 Jun 2010 09:38


Politics: Won’t Sharron Angle please think of the local news?

  • I can’t remember a time that we’ve ever had trouble with interviews. Especially with people running for office — they usually beat our door down.
  • KRNV news director Mary Beth Farrell • Explaining how flabbergasted she is that Nevada bizarro hippie candidate Sharron Angle has seemingly gone out of her way to avoid talking to the local mainstream media. In choosing to talk only to conservative news outlets, she’s created an atmosphere where local news outlets have become increasingly desperate to talk to the lady taking on Sen. Harry Reid. Some of those conservative outlets suggest that Reid is the evasive one, something TV news outlets scoff at. “He may still dodge questions, but at least you can see him do it,” said Jason Pasco, the news director at Reno’s KTVN. source

22 Jun 2010 21:26


U.S.: At the top of South Carolina’s ticket: Nikki Haley, Alvin Greene

In case you were wondering, at least one state is probably going to have a bizarro hippie governor by the end of the election cycle. source

06 Jun 2010 20:46


Politics: Can the bizarro hippies win big states like California or Nevada?

  • We are 14 months old as an organization. We’re not quite as effective as we want to be all over, but by the 2012 election we will be a force to contend with.
  • Central Valley, Calif. bizarro hippie coordinator Steve Brandau • Regarding the mediocre showing of his state’s bizarro hippie Senate candidate, Chuck DeVore, who will likely finish far behind Carly “demon sheep” Fiorina in Tuesday’s Republican primary. A win by Fiorina, who inexplicably has the support of the Republican establishment, could symbolize the level of success the bizarro hippie movement will actually have in the long run. In Nevada, however, it appears bizarro hippie favorite Sharron Angle might pull an upset. So, who knows? Maybe they might be able to turn this thang into a national movement. source

18 May 2010 20:49


U.S.: Bizarro Hippie Rand Paul makes it look easy in Ky. primary

  • Somebody won really big tonight. Rand Paul was the “great hippie hope” or something, and most of the big news outlets barely even waited until after 8 p.m. to announce his victory in the Kentucky Republican primary. To liberals who want to throw stones at him, remember this: He’s still better than Jim “hold off unemployment benefits” Bunning. source

13 May 2010 11:19


Politics: Some bizarro hippie has been ripping on Roger Ebert’s cancer

Ebert has long been a critic of the bizarro hippies who gives as hard as he gets, but let’s face it guys, making fun of his condition (as Caleb Howe did) is below the belt. source

04 May 2010 23:25


Politics: Two ways Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli is kind of a douche to U.Va

  • first He revoked legal protections from
    gay workers at the university,
    causing a massive outrage
    throughout the state that Gov. Bob
    McDonnell had to clean up.
  • second He’s now trying to subpoena the
    university for the records of a
    former pro-climate-change
    professor, Michael Mann, causing
    more angry outrage. source

18 Apr 2010 23:26


Politics: Max Headroom: Geraldo’s unlikely lifeline? Mike Huckabee

  • Geraldo nearly killed Bizarro Hippie Express chairman Mark Williams was on Fox News’ “Geraldo at Large” talking about extremism in the movement, except in reality, he was on the air to rail on Geraldo Rivera (he even calls him out for his yellow journalism!). Mike Huckabee looks like an unfortunate bystander to this trainwreck.

  • Clinton on extremism Earlier this weekend, Bill Clinton said some stuff about extremism that suggested another Timothy McVeigh could come out of the bizarro hippie movement. It drew a lot of scorn from the right. This clarification during ABC’s “This Week” makes his position sound entirely reasonable.
  • colbert on fact-checking We love this clip for three reasons: First, it name-checks journalism smart guy Jay Rosen (one of our smart people we love reading on our iPad); second, it makes a reasonable suggestion for fact-checking Sunday shows; and third, it holds David Gregory’s feet to the fire for not doing so.

17 Apr 2010 17:04


Politics: Chicago Sun-Times columnist calls bizarro hippies a “pity party”

  • My feeling was, heck, if staging public gripe fests gives these people something to do, then great. It’s outside. It involves handicrafts, the making of signs and costumes. It’s like Scouting for irked middle-aged white people.
  • Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg • In an often-hilarious takedown of the bizarro hippies. The article, written after he went to the Chicago Tax Day Bizarro Hippie Fest, notes that he attempted to talk to multiple people at the event only to see the protesters run away from him. He started conversations with phrases such as, “I’ve used tinfoil hats as metaphor, but I’ve never seen anyone actually wearing one …”, and later compared the bizarro hippie movement to the anti-interventionist America First movement around the time of World War II. As you might guess, the comment thread on this article is best to be avoided. source