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13 May 2010 11:19


Politics: Some bizarro hippie has been ripping on Roger Ebert’s cancer

Ebert has long been a critic of the bizarro hippies who gives as hard as he gets, but let’s face it guys, making fun of his condition (as Caleb Howe did) is below the belt. source

23 Nov 2009 23:51


Politics: Anonymous Kurt Greenbaum critic: Privacy is important

  • The fact that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch would allow this to happen just shows how completely out of touch they are with the Internet and the modern world.
  • The anonymous author of “Kurt Greenbaum is a #&(&@” • Describing their feelings on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s handling of the Kurt Greenbaum incident. As you recall, Greenbaum called a commenter’s employer and got them fired. The person behind the site emphasizes two things: One, commenters should be allowed their privacy, and two, the Post-Dispatch’s policies are old hat at best. source