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24 Feb 2011 12:10


Politics: Ken Cuccinelli pays backhanded compliment to Washington judge

  • Of the three rulings that are wrong, it is the best written of the three.
  • Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli • Speaking to Regent University about a judge’s ruling that the health care reform law is constitutional. An unexpected compliment, if somewhat damning the ruling with the faintest of praise, Cuccinelli apparently has the most passing respect for the argument advanced by Washington Judge Gladys Kessler, who seems to suggest the insurance mandate is legal because hospitals are themselves legally bound to provide emergency care to those who can’t pay, which is a money drain that is abysmally downplayed in these cost-cutting discussions. Cuccinelli, however, had this final say: “I still don’t think the distinction that the judge relies on holds up. I don’t find it compelling.” source

04 May 2010 23:25


Politics: Two ways Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli is kind of a douche to U.Va

  • first He revoked legal protections from
    gay workers at the university,
    causing a massive outrage
    throughout the state that Gov. Bob
    McDonnell had to clean up.
  • second He’s now trying to subpoena the
    university for the records of a
    former pro-climate-change
    professor, Michael Mann, causing
    more angry outrage. source