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13 Mar 2009 18:53


Culture, Music: The cake is a lie: Rihanna/Chris Brown duet not real

  • It was an old recording used for reference vocals. Apparently, word on the street was that the tumultuous relationship between the two was on the mend (which is apparently true still) and the reunion would be cemented by a new recording. Their label reps deny this and say the song in question was written for someone else and the couple hasn’t recorded together since the incident. So much for good rumors, kids. source

13 Mar 2009 18:42


Biz, U.S.: Lawrence Summers: “Excess of fear” hurting our economy

  • If, in the last few years, we’ve seen too much greed and too little fear, too much spending and not enough saving, too much borrowing and not enough worrying, today our problem is very different. It is this transition from an excess of greed to an excess of fear that President Roosevelt had in mind.
  • Lawrence Summers • President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, on the economic struggles the country is facing, harkening back to President Franklin Roosevelt’s “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” line. His words also appeared to be critical of investors whose caution is stagnating the market even as consumer spending improves. • source

13 Mar 2009 18:00


U.S.: Why it sucks to be a guy: You’re more likely to be unemployed

  • The current unemployment rate for college-educated men lacking a degree is 8.9%, well above the national rate of 8.1%. Ouch, guys. source
  • The current unemployment rate for women of the same education level is also up, but only to 6.3%. Not so bad, considering. source

13 Mar 2009 14:48


Music, Tech: Must-see: Kutiman’s ThruYou YouTube mashup mixes

Like Girl Talk on speed, dude mashes tons of different YouTube videos into solidly-structured, funky songs. Freakin’ amazing. source

13 Mar 2009 14:34


Music, Politics: Thom Yorke hopes he didn’t offend you by doing nothing

  • wish us all a safe journey if you still like us and you’re not one of those people i have managed to offend by doing nothing xx
  • Thom Yorke • In a recent post talking about his South American tour, but bringing light to the imagined conflicts created by Miley Cyrus and Kanye West • source

13 Mar 2009 14:01


Politics: If book sales are any indicator, Ann Coulter’s losing influence.

  • 100,000 sales of Ann Coulter’s most recent book, “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America.” That’s way down from Coulter’s usual sales. source

13 Mar 2009 13:53


Biz, U.S.: Weekend at Bernie’s: How bad is Madoff’s cell, anyway?

Let’s put it this way. The culture shock is really, really high. And few will give him any remorse. source

13 Mar 2009 13:45


Biz, U.S.: This probably isn’t going to work, Bernie Madoff’s lawyer

  • Can we put Bernie back in his penthouse? Ira Sorkin, Bernard Madoff’s lawyer, is appealing the decision to put his client, who pled guilty yesterday to charges related to his ponzi scheme, back under house arrest. The Manhattan jail cell he was put in is a far cry from the penthouse he once lived, as you might guess. source

13 Mar 2009 13:33


Biz, U.S.: One of Seattle’s papers is probably gonna die. Let’s look back.

A local radio station takes a good look back at a Seattle (and American) newspaper institution. source

13 Mar 2009 13:17


Biz, World: Hey, Mexican drug lords are billionaires, too, OK?

  • 701 Joaquin Guzman’s place on the Forbes billionaires list source