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29 Dec 2009 11:24


Music: The year’s most popular songs, synthesized into one tune

  • If you’re like us and think mainstream pop (besides Taylor Swift, she’s dreamy) blends into one another, you’ll appreciate this mashup of the top 25 songs of 2009, which turns 25 mediocre songs into one awesome one. Somewhere, Gregg Gillis/Girl Talk is in a dimly-lit, noisy, sweaty room somewhere, screaming, “I got here first!”

14 Nov 2009 13:51


Music: Saturday Mixtape: Our decade in review goes all the way to 2006

  • 1. Tokyo Police Club may have ushered in the era of the blog-buzz band, but that doesn’t mean their first mini-album doesn’t hold up. These Canadians, who weren’t even old enough to drink (in Canada!) at the time, brought a lot of energy to their post-punk stylings, if not a lot to say. Unfortunately, the Black Kids/Pitchfork fiasco can probably be blamed partially on their success.
    2. In 2006, TV on the Radio finally lived up to the potential of their first EP thanks to their amazing second album, “Return to Cookie Mountain,” which is on the shortlist for best album of the decade. “Wolf Like Me” is on the shortlist for their best song. If “Staring at the Sun” didn’t already exist, there’d be no contest.
    3. While Girl Talk’sNight Ripper” is definitely of a single amazing piece of cloth, “Hold Up” deserves mention simply because it features the best single use of a Weezer song since 1997 – including by Weezer themselves.
    4. The great thing about The Thermals? They sound like a bunch of goofy grown-up kids playing punk rock, but (unlike Tokyo Police Club) the subject matter they tackle is dead serious. On “A Pillar of Salt,” Hutch Harris tackles religion with lyrical book smarts but with the energy of a six-year-old.
    5. If girl-group pop was slowed down to just before the point where the life was completely sucked out of it, you’d have Grizzly Bear’s “Knife,” their calling card into the top tier of indie rock. source

20 Jul 2009 08:52


Music: Kurt Cobain pulls a Tupac, releases a new Nirvana album

  • This jerk doesn’t have anything on Girl Talk, but let’s just say that the combination of Rick Astley and Nirvana works far better than it should. And you’ve just been Rickrolled.

13 Mar 2009 14:48


Music, Tech: Must-see: Kutiman’s ThruYou YouTube mashup mixes

Like Girl Talk on speed, dude mashes tons of different YouTube videos into solidly-structured, funky songs. Freakin’ amazing. source

03 Feb 2009 06:30


Music: Bonnaroo’s lineup is out. Judge how big your favorite band is here.

  • The headliners beat Coachella. Bruce Springsteen brings the E Street Band with him to lead the festivities. A reunited Phish, The Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Wilco and David Byrne also show up. Further down, the list includes such luminaries as TV on the Radio, Andrew Bird, Girl Talk, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Raphael Saadiq and Chairlift. But we’re just skimming. Check out the entire list! It beats Coachella this year! source