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29 Apr 2009 09:40


Politics, U.S.: 100 days: Why is 100 days in office such a big deal?

  • Blame it on FDR. Franklin Roosevelt tried pushing through a boatload of legislation quickly at the height of the Great Depression, and mostly succeeded. If anything, Obama has gotten closest to FDR’s high standard for getting stuff done. A political science professor says it best: “There is no magic to the first 100 days,” said Ross Baker of Rutgers University. “I think people are always looking for a marker or some sort of guidepost.” source

13 Mar 2009 18:42


Biz, U.S.: Lawrence Summers: “Excess of fear” hurting our economy

  • If, in the last few years, we’ve seen too much greed and too little fear, too much spending and not enough saving, too much borrowing and not enough worrying, today our problem is very different. It is this transition from an excess of greed to an excess of fear that President Roosevelt had in mind.
  • Lawrence Summers • President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, on the economic struggles the country is facing, harkening back to President Franklin Roosevelt’s “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” line. His words also appeared to be critical of investors whose caution is stagnating the market even as consumer spending improves. • source