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17 Dec 2010 02:07


Music: Pitchfork fulfills obvious Kanye West “best album of 2010” overture

  • But, somehow, West managed to transcend the preposterous talk show appearances, the too-good-to-be-true Twitter account, the live breakdowns, the Horus chain, the free-MP3 stunt(ing), the press blitz, the breakups, the make-ups, the dick pics, the furniture pornography, the Rosewood movement, the NO NEGATIVE BLOG VIEWING, the living paintings, the short film, and the rest of the lot. Through all that noise, we obsessed first and most deeply over the eye of the storm: the album.
  • Pitchfork writer Sean Fennessey • Revealing what’s been a straight-up given for the last month – Kanye West has Pitchfork’s top album of 2010. Considering it got a 10.0 from the site, it would have been a shocker if it wasn’t really. Past Kanye, perhaps the biggest surprise of the top twenty is Janelle Monae’s relatively low number twelve showing. The question is, who would’ve let her in the top ten? From Titus Andronicus to LCD Soundsystem to Deerhunter, the top ten overall is pretty solid, complete with James Blake’s numerous EP releases this year. Actually, we have a thought – Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” doesn’t belong there, thanks to this ad. Put Janelle Monae in its spot and give a girl with some awesome ideas her due, Pitchfork. source

22 Nov 2010 10:17


Music: Pitchfork’s Kanye West review today is a rare beast

  • 04/02 the last time the site gave the marker to a new album (Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot“); And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead got one two months earlier
  • 11/10 the last time the site gave a 10.0 to a reissue (Weezer’s “Pinkerton“), which is much more common – Pitchfork often gives the hallowed 10.0 in retrospect
  • 04/05 the last time an album got a 10.0 AND a 0.0, which Robert Pollard’s WTF stage-banter oddity “Relaxation of the Asshole” got; technically it’s a 5.0 source

18 Oct 2010 21:14


Music: Kanye doesn’t understand why retailers don’t like his album cover

So Nirvana can have a naked human being on they cover but I can’t have a PAINTING of a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wingsMon Oct 18 03:02:27 via web

  • So yeah, wow. The “banned” Kanye album for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” has a cover so weird that we don’t think that we can post it here. But Pitchfork has it, so go over there and look at the painting of a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings. source

04 Sep 2010 19:52


Music: Kanye West basically flooded Twitter with Taylor Swift apologies

She deserves the apology more than anyone. Thank you Biz Stone and Evan Williams for creating a platform where we can communicate directlySat Sep 04 13:29:37 via web

  • 356 days later, this. Holy CRAP. OK, the Kanye West/Taylor Swift thing needed closure, but Kanye offered up a bit more than that. Earlier today, he posted 70 tweets about the whole VMAs incident a year ago. We repeat. 70 tweets. We appreciate the fact that he can gather his thoughts finally and say some really sincere things, but Jesus Christ, dude. Get a Tumblr. (Footnote: Kanye only follows two people, one of them Taylor Swift, but Swift doesn’t follow Kanye.) source

28 Aug 2010 22:23


Music: FYI: @50cent is officially the best Twitter user we’ve ever seen

I just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit againSat Aug 28 16:36:31 via ÜberTwitter

  • Dear Twitter users: You’re not trying hard enough. If you really want to be great at this, you need to do them with the speed and constant entertainment value the Eminem protege has been rocking the site. The Vitamin Water beneficiary has been rocking the tweets himself for a little less than two weeks (after his management was doing a very crappy job at it), and since then, he’s pretty much become the single most refreshing new Tweeter in a long time. This guy makes adversary Kanye West look like a wannabe. source

14 Aug 2010 15:33


Music: Bon Iver and Kanye West apparently work really well together

  • I was literally in the back room rolling a spliff with Rick Ross talking about what to do on the next part of a song. It was astonishing.
  • Justin “Bon Iver” Vernon • Discussing the surreal experience of working on Kanye West’s new album. One of the tracks, “Lost in the World” (which samples Vernon’s auto-tuned cathedral “Woods”) seems likely to be Kanye’s next single. Which is just insane. Is Vernon about to become a next-tier pop star? It’d be pretty awesome. Bon Iver is one of our favorite bands. source

29 May 2010 13:40


Music: Why the “Sound Strike” anti-immigration protest has no teeth

  • 21 bands who won’t be coming
    to Arizona anytime soon
  • five actual latin artists who would be greatly missed among Arizona’s latino community
  • three Rage Against the Machine-related acts; RATM singer Zach de la Rocha put it together
  • one other stadium-filler amongst its ranks, in the form of off-his-rocker Kanye West source

03 Mar 2010 10:55


Music: Kanye writes a huge screed on creativity and loss. Worth a read

  • Of course this sounds arrogant. But it also sounds sincere. Kanye is talking about the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, his mom’s death, and his own creativity. Too bad he wrote about it in loud, annoying all-caps text (in a faint, light color) so it’s kind of hard to read. Make the effort to squint. It’ll be the best squinting you do all day. source

21 Oct 2009 09:42


Culture: If anyone believed “RIP Kanye West” was true, pity on you fools

  • Its in extreme poor taste to have that as a trendy topic. It’s totally disrespectful to make up a story like this where all human
  • Kanye West’s girlfriend, Amber Rose • Discussing on Twitter how her oft-discussed boyfriend is, in fact, still alive. So why’s “RIP Kanye West” trending? Blame 4chan, which you would expect to come up with something like this. I mean, come on, why would Kanye die? It’s way too obvious, guys. Pick a more interesting target next time. • source

04 Oct 2009 20:22


Music: Lady Gaga’s going on tour by herself – without Kanye West

  • It was a mutual decision. Kanye’s going to take some time off. But the good news is that I’m going on tour in a few weeks.
  • Lady Gaga • Shedding some light on she canceled her joint tour with Kanye West. Remember that post-Taylor-Swift episode of Jay Leno where Kanye looked like he was at the edge of oblivion the second that Jay brought up his mom? Yeah, it was probably that. The “Fame Kills” tour might’ve been good, Imma let you finish, but Kanye probably needs some time to regroup. • source