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29 May 2010 13:40


Music: Why the “Sound Strike” anti-immigration protest has no teeth

  • 21 bands who won’t be coming
    to Arizona anytime soon
  • five actual latin artists who would be greatly missed among Arizona’s latino community
  • three Rage Against the Machine-related acts; RATM singer Zach de la Rocha put it together
  • one other stadium-filler amongst its ranks, in the form of off-his-rocker Kanye West source

29 Mar 2010 21:53


30 Oct 2009 09:47


Tech, World: The odds of tripping on a Russian porn site just got much lower

  • That’s because sites can now go beyond the English character set in URLs. Since top-level domains became a thing, they’ve been limited for users outside of the U.S. due to the fact that only the Latin character set is supported. Until now. ICANN is fast-tracking a new solution which allows extended character sets to be used. However, due to the fact that it needs to be compatible with the current URL structure, it’s a bit complicated and likely to break due to the technical hoops needed. Но погодите, доменные имена на русском языке! source

04 Aug 2009 22:44


U.S.: A bizarre shooting at a Pennsylvania gym leaves many dead

  • five number of people killed, including the gunman, in the LA Fitness outside of Pittsburgh
  • 15+ number of people injured in the shooting, which took place during a Latin dance class source