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16 Mar 2009 22:25


Biz, U.S.: P-I’s online focus: An evolution away from print

  • 20 full-time journalists will be kept on the P-I staff list
  • 150 community bloggers will hold up the paper content-wise source

16 Mar 2009 22:13


Biz, U.S.: On the death, from the Post-Intelligencer’s editor & publisher

  • Tonight we’ll be putting the paper to bed for the last time. But the bloodline will live on.
  • Editor and Publisher Roger Oglesby • During the announcement, which was made today. As you might imagine, it wasn’t exactly a fun day for them today. • source

13 Mar 2009 13:33


Biz, U.S.: One of Seattle’s papers is probably gonna die. Let’s look back.

A local radio station takes a good look back at a Seattle (and American) newspaper institution. source

26 Feb 2009 22:31


Biz, U.S.: Are newspaper JOAs a dying breed? Denver hints at it.

  • What are JOAs? Joint operating agreements were implemented in the 1970s as a way to help two-newspaper towns retain multiple journalistic voices. More than two dozen cities across the country used JOAs as a way to separate the advertising from the journalism.
  • Failing left & right JOAs once helped Detroit, Denver and Seattle keep their newspapers alive. All three are struggling to stay afloat. Denver, obviously, just closed the Rocky. Detroit is cutting back deliveries to three days a week. And Seattle could lose the Post-Intelligencer.
  • Why it didn’t workSImple – the system eventually didn’t make economic sense. The advertisers would favor one paper over the other, and the stronger paper would eventually hold the weaker one up. E.W. Scripps, by they way, has been involved in half a dozen failed JOAs. source

27 Jan 2009 18:16


Biz: Journos to world: Forget corporations. Let’s buy a newspaper!

  • OK, it’s not fancy, but it’s there. Some enterprising anonymous person has put up a kinda-clever jab at the newspaper industry’s impeding self-destruction. “Let’s Buy a Newspaper” is looking for a pool of donations to buy some of the many newspapers currently on the market. Tops on the list? The Miami Herald, which is in a pretty cruddy part of the country economy-wise, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which faces a 60-day death march if it isn’t sold. Pssh, forget newspapers, guys! Starting your own blog is where it’s at. source

12 Jan 2009 22:14


Biz, U.S.: The Seattle P-I tries being frank with its audience

  • Right now, I’m determinedly positive, but I’m not completely unrealistic. The chances of the arrival of a savior are not great.
  • David McCumber • Managing editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which will likely close if it doesn’t find a buyer in the next 60 days. McCumber is starting a dialogue with the community online in an attempt to shed light on the possible shuttering of a big-city newspaper • source