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29 Jun 2009 11:45


Biz, U.S.: For all those wanting to see Bernard Madoff rot in prison, here you go

  • 150 years in the slammer for the scammer source

14 Mar 2009 19:53


Biz: Bernie Madoff is worth a lot of money, but not enough

  • $823 million Madoff’s approximate net worth, according to court papers
  • $65 billion amount Madoff defrauded from investors; sucks to be him source

13 Mar 2009 13:45


Biz, U.S.: This probably isn’t going to work, Bernie Madoff’s lawyer

  • Can we put Bernie back in his penthouse? Ira Sorkin, Bernard Madoff’s lawyer, is appealing the decision to put his client, who pled guilty yesterday to charges related to his ponzi scheme, back under house arrest. The Manhattan jail cell he was put in is a far cry from the penthouse he once lived, as you might guess. source

10 Mar 2009 21:33


Biz: What was Bernie Madoff trying to do when he stole all that money?

  • There’s a good question to ask. Dude stole $50 billion in a fraudulent ponzi scheme and apparently hired people to make fake accounting documents for some stupid reason. As Madoff faces up to 150 years in jail on 11 federal charges, which he’ll likely plead guilty to on Thursday, his investors hope that the guy finally explains what his motive was. source