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07 Dec 2009 21:29


Tech: Wear a seat belt: Google’s real-time search means new results, fast

Google now has Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in its searches. Which means that you’re bound to get your hair tussled by the results whooshing by. source

07 Dec 2009 21:14


Politics: Mitch McConnell is an old man who does nothing but complain

  • If your goal was to come up with a plan for financial ruin, you couldn’t come up with a better idea than cutting a program by $500 billion and simultaneously expanding the number of people it is required to cover.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell • Making another one of his snippy comments about the health care bill. It’s too bad he’s saying it about a potential breakthrough for the bill in the Senate. The latest idea being bandied about: Allow lower-income people as young as 55 to bask in the glory that is Medicare. Now, McConnell does have a point about this – they’re cutting Medicare AND adding people to it – but then again, it’s not like this jerk has actually come up with a solution besides “complain more and stonewall any reasonable progress.” Do more than that and we’ll give you credit. source

07 Dec 2009 20:58



  • Tiger Woods is currently seeing his life getting destroyed. Apparently, because all the juicy crap in the previous post wasn’t enough, Playgirl has something potentially even more damaging on the table. Apparently, there are nude photos – likely cell-phone shot – of everyone’s favorite family-friendly golfer in the buff. Jesus Christ. You know what, this shit isn’t even funny anymore. LEAVE TIGER ALONE! source

07 Dec 2009 20:42


Culture: Lots of Tiger Woods dramarama today. Here’s the latest.

07 Dec 2009 20:23


U.S.: It’s likely that you, too, have had a fresh drink of contaminated water

  • 49 million people have had a swig of some dirty dew source

07 Dec 2009 20:19


Offbeat: Want to play a trick on a butterfly? Make it weightless

  • This seems cruel. You take the “fly” out of a butterfly and put it in zero-G, and this happens. There there, poor butterfly. It’ll be OK.

07 Dec 2009 10:54



07 Dec 2009 10:37


U.S.: The EPA calls a spade a spade, says greenhouse gases a danger

  • This is a big deal, guys. The Obama administration now has a new tool to cut down on greenhouse gases. It’s the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA now will formally say that greenhouse gases are a danger to human health – something which will give them the right to do something even if Congress doesn’t act on regulating carbon emissions. Good timing, too, what with that whole Copenhagen emissions summit thingy starting up today. source

07 Dec 2009 10:25


Biz: A bunch of whiny AIG execs claim they’ll quit over their pay

  • five execs sent a letter December 1st claiming they’d leave over their compensation
  • two changed their minds over the weekend; all look overly whiny as a result source

07 Dec 2009 10:19


Music: A harrowing account of the scary-sounding Weezer bus crash

  • I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me, as Rivers lay so helpless, shivering in the center of the chaos, and meanwhile the sun was coming up and revealing an utterly beautiful light covering of snow on the surrounding trees.
  • Weezer band associate Karl Koch • Describing the scene as Rivers Cuomo was pulled out of the wreckage after a bus accident yesterday morning. The bus fell in such a way that the fridge fell out of its position and the front entrance was blocked by mud. The jaws of life were used to get the Weezer frontman out. Cuomo is resting comfortably in the hospital after suffering severe rib injuries. The band has canceled the rest of their 2009 tour dates as a result of the accident. Pull through, Rivers! source