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21 Nov 2011 23:32


World: UN greenhouse gas study: Carbon dioxide levels reach new high

  • 2.3 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere between 2009 and 2010, a big leap from the last decade’s average of 2.0 ppm
  • 64% of climate warming is due to carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels, deforestation and changes in land usage, a UN study says source

07 Dec 2009 10:54


07 Dec 2009 10:37


U.S.: The EPA calls a spade a spade, says greenhouse gases a danger

  • This is a big deal, guys. The Obama administration now has a new tool to cut down on greenhouse gases. It’s the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA now will formally say that greenhouse gases are a danger to human health – something which will give them the right to do something even if Congress doesn’t act on regulating carbon emissions. Good timing, too, what with that whole Copenhagen emissions summit thingy starting up today. source

22 Sep 2009 11:00


Tech: Thick as a brick: Silicon Valley wants to make construction go green

  • We think it is time for a second industrial revolution. … We and dozens of others are trying to create green alternatives for all the things that happen in the building industry.
  • Foundation Capital partner Paul Holland • Discussing Calstar Products, a company that makes “green,” more environmentally-friendly, bricks. The company uses fly ash – otherwise a troublesome pollutant – to make bricks which use 85% fewer greenhouse gases in their creation. The Brick Industry Association – which actually exists – says that they aren’t really bricks and that fly ash may not last nearly as long as regular bricks. • source

15 Apr 2009 22:34


Tech: Spam spam spam spam is killing our ecosystem spam spam

  • 62 trillion e-mails have been sent by spammers, at 0.3 grams of CO2 a piece; spam spam spam spam spam spam spam source