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08 May 2010 19:25


U.S.: Was BP able to stop the massive oil leak in the Gulf yet?

  • NO the giant grease trap suffered
    a huge setback source

08 May 2010 18:24


Offbeat: Google News run by computer with juvenile sense of humor

  • “Jack Meoff” ≠ Jake Tapper. The other day, the poor ABC News political reporter got mis-bylined by the computer-driven service, instead calling Tapper by his real name. The article was about some topic we don’t care about, but the second we realized it got turned into a childish prank, we immediately showed interest. Good show, Google News, getting regular people like us interested in the news. source

08 May 2010 18:06


Culture: “Iron Man 2” a massive hit, critical acclaim or no critical acclaim

  • $52.4
    the amount the superhero film
    made on Friday alone
  • $135
    the amount the film could make
    this weekend source

08 May 2010 17:55


Culture: Suburban family raps about playdates, driving swagger wagons

  • This commercial is awesome for lots of reasons. The biggest reason? It’s directed by Jody Hill of “The Foot Fist Way” and “Observe and Report.” The other reason? It’s a suburban family rapping about being a suburban family.

08 May 2010 17:30


U.S.: Craigslist’s rep damaged again after a deadly home robbery

  • You hate to tell people to be wary of your fellow citizens, but the reality is you’ve got to be wary when you are doing something when interacting with strangers on Craigslist. This is a cautionary tale.
  • Pierce County, Wash. Prosecutor Mark Lindquist • Regarding an April 28 incident where a bunch of thieves found a diamond ring ad on Craigslist, and then proceeded to rob the home. The thieves came to the home, posed as a couple, then, once inside, pulled out a gun and held the family hostage. Two more assailants joined them. They handcuffed the family of four, pistol-whipped the 14-year-old, beat the mother, and when the father tried to defend his son, he was shot three times. The four suspects have been caught, but holy crap. Keep this in time next time you sell stuff (especially expensive stuff), guys. source

08 May 2010 16:51


U.S.: Update on the Staten Island Ferry accident; dozens hurt

  • 37 were injured in the accident
    this morning
  • 17 had to go to the hospital
    due to their injuries source

08 May 2010 12:58


Tech: Lamesauce: Nokia’s latest lawsuit against Apple

This whole fight, which now includes the 3G iPad, strikes us as a big kid picking a fight with a slightly younger big kid over playground turf. source

08 May 2010 12:46


Politics: Sen. Richard Shelby: Financial reform missing Fannie, Freddie

  • When home prices finally collapsed, these ticking time bombs exploded, saddling taxpayers with hundreds of billions of dollars of debt.
  • Sen. Richard Shelby • Saying why he thinks the financial reform bill should include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two major mortgage companies that fell apart during the financial crisis. He thinks that the financial reform bill should do something about the mortgage giants, which he characterized as costing taxpayers significant amounts of money. During his statement, in response to Obama’s weekly radio address (which tackled health care’s successes), Shelby also criticized a proposed consumer protection watchdog bureau in the Federal Reserve for possibly raising costs for taxpayers. source

08 May 2010 12:31


About, Music: Sad news: The Saturday Mixtape’s taking a break

  • why? Blame it partly on Lala’s closing,
    but we also think it’s  a good
    chance to reconsider our
    short-form musical approach.
  • next We plan on trying different music features in the future. Our first was “Non-Expert Opinion.” We’ll keep you posted, guys. source
  • » Will the mixtape return eventually? Probably, but its form might change. We might also move it to Monday. Who knows? We might get lucky and iTunes will have a similar embed feature that uses HTML5 (hint, hint).

08 May 2010 10:51


Politics: Protip: Anti-gay activists shouldn’t get help from

On the left: George Alan Rekers, a prominent anti-gay activist. On the right: A male escort who joined Rekers on a 10-day European trip. Oh boy. source