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29 Nov 2009 22:22


World: Israel is ready to agree to somewhat unbalanced terms

  • 980 the number of prisoners Israel is reportedly willing to release to the Palestinians
  • one the number of prisoners Israel would get in return – Cpl. Gilad Shalit better be worth it source

29 Nov 2009 22:08


29 Nov 2009 21:53


U.S.: Ex-police chief on Washington coffee shop slaying: I’m heartbroken

  • I’m horrified. I just can’t believe the news. I’m the old guy around there, and I kind of feel like they’re my sons and daughters. They clearly are the very best Washington has to offer. I’m heartbroken over this.
  • Former Lakewood, Wash. Police Chief Larry Saunders • Describing his feelings about the calculated shootings of four police officers he used to supervise. The officers were killed in a coffee shop while using laptops, and despite the fact that there were other people in the shop, they were the only ones targeted. The “person of interest” is currently on the run. source

29 Nov 2009 20:52


World: Iran to the rest of the world: Screw you guys, you suck.

  • Iran has officially moved from “double dare” to “triple dog dare.” With the class of a unlikeable bully on the playground, Iran announced today that they planned to open up 10 new enrichment plants. Iran was responding to a demand by the UN that they stop enriching at Fordow, the site that was only disclosed recently. FYI: Iran responds, guns blazing, both middle fingers in the air. source

29 Nov 2009 11:11


Tech: Twitter gangs of New York: Tweets turning into gang hub in NYC

You know, if you’re participating in illegal activity, it’s a stroke of genius to use a system that’s openly searchable and saves your records forever. source

29 Nov 2009 11:06


29 Nov 2009 10:57


Offbeat: We’re all gonna die: Meteorite in South Africa will kill us all

  • It’s kind of like “District 9,” except without the spaceship. Last week, a giant meteor exploded in Gauteng, South Africa. Many in the country saw the meteor go off, and well, we’re scared of the aliens that are about to come out and kill us all. source

29 Nov 2009 10:43


Culture: Obama goes to basketball games when his brother-in-law is coaching

Last night, our president showed up at a George Washington college basketball game, but we’re convinced that it’s because of the away team, Oregon State. source

29 Nov 2009 10:30


Politics: S.C. Republicans give Lindsey Graham crap ’cause he’s agreeable

  • I believe in the Constitution 100 percent – Mr. Graham does not. He voted for Sotomayor, that’s the first thing. She is a liberal, she is a racist, and you support her? Wrong, absolutely wrong.
  • Rock Hill, S.C. auto mechanic Terry Hutchinson • On his hatred for Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina senator who actually tries to compromise on key issues. His Senate counterpart, Jim DeMint, actively fights against this conciliatory approach. Graham, who was recently censured by the Charleston County Republican Party, is nearly as conservative as DeMint, according to the American Conservative Union. In other words, uninformed conservatives like Hutchinson need to stop listening to Fox News and talk radio and actually research who they’re vilifying so they actually know what they’re talking about. source

29 Nov 2009 10:07


World: Due to superstition, albinos in Africa sold for their body parts

  • 50 albinos have been killed in the last two years, due to belief that their body parts bring good luck
  • 10,000 albinos are in hiding throughout East Africa; they’re segregated throughout their lives  source