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22 Aug 2010 03:03


06 Aug 2010 12:55


Culture: Pop quiz: What year was this photo taken? Take a guess.

  • The winner gets a PBR the next time we see them in person. We can afford it. They cost what, 65 cents in Portland? (Hat tip Charles Apple and others) source

17 May 2010 00:51


Offbeat: Winnebago Man’s bad day is leading to a pretty good year

  • This classic of viral video form has been floating around the Web for a solid half-decade or so. Winnebago Man, a.k.a. Jack Rebney, proved himself the master of profanity in the above video, a clip Conan O’Brien named one of his favorite YouTube clips as part of their fifth anniversary celebration, and will get a banner treatment later this year as part of the awesome-sounding documentary “Winnebago Man.” True story: The guy now lives on a mountain. source

15 Apr 2010 20:12


Offbeat: Let’s face it: This guy’s beard is more impressive than yours

Slate has this killer gallery of beards up today, and as you might suspect, Julius is getting a little jealous. See, robots can’t grow facial hair. source

09 Sep 2009 09:36


Offbeat: Happy Catstravaganza! Here’s the world-famous ninja cat

02 Jun 2009 21:36


21 May 2009 23:59


Culture: Go for the BBQ, stay for the foot massages. LOL.

  • If Jones’ Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage were a real business, we’d go every week. Did someone say fried Snickers and pedicure? source

12 May 2009 09:04


Tech: Why Square Enix is a lame gaming company with no heart

  • one A bunch of huge fans of Square’s classic ’90s RPG “Chrono Trigger” took it upon themselves to build a fan-tribute game.
  • two “Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes,” worked on since 2004, was nearing release in a few weeks. It was 98% complete.
  • three Despite the fact it was a non-proft venture, Square Enix sent them a cease-and-desist letter telling them to stop. LAME! source

17 Apr 2009 11:31


Culture, Tech: YouTube has TV shows now, guys, but they’re mostly ancient

  • ’60s From cheeseball comedy (“The Beverly Hillbillies”) to westerns (“Bonanza”) and sci-fi (“Star Trek”), this decade is best represented.
  • ’70s The lineup of ’70s shows clearly pulls from the action/crime wing of TV – “Charlie’s Angels,” “Starksky & Hutch” and “S.W.A.T.”
  • ’80s “MacGyver” and “Married With Children” headline the selection of ’80s shows, unless you consider “T.J. Hooker” a highlight of ’80s television.
  • ’90s Fox dramas “Party of Five” and “Beverly Hills 90210” lead the lineup, but Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert fans should hit up “The Dana Carvey Show.”
  • ’00s The pickings are pretty slim here – recent episodes of “Guiding Light,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Jericho” and new show “Harper’s Island.” source