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15 Apr 2010 20:12


Offbeat: Let’s face it: This guy’s beard is more impressive than yours

Slate has this killer gallery of beards up today, and as you might suspect, Julius is getting a little jealous. See, robots can’t grow facial hair. source

12 May 2009 21:14


Tech: It slices, it dices, it helps you find stuff! Google improves its search.

  • The new features Google seems to be gunning for the immediacy of Twitter search through its redesign, which much like every other Google redesign, is only obvious after a little digging. Javascript allows you to narrow your search criteria to something as recent as the last day, as opposed to having to dig through weeks of content to find what you want. It also sorts based on the type of content, like reviews.
  • Why the change? “So when you get your search results from Google,” says Google exec Marissa Mayer, “you need to be able to say ‘I really just want the most recent’ or ‘I really just want reviews’ – to slice and dice search results so that you can experience and visualize them in an entirely new and enriched way.” Mayer’s speaking like a supergenius right now. We wonder if she’s available (and if she’d say yes). *Fawn*
  • Our take?We’ve loved Google a lot in the past for things they do, but it always did feel like the organization end was lacking a little. To narrow down searches, it required numerous clicks or knowing the right boolean to look for something recent. They’re reacting to a trend that has seen numerous attempts to topple the company, most famously (and unsuccessfully) Cuil. (Cuil sucks, BTW.) source

27 Feb 2009 10:49


Tech, World: The iPhone’s sales suck in Japan so much, it’s being given away

  • It’s not full-featured enough Japanese consumers are a picky bunch when it comes to their phones, and as neat as the iPhone is to the rest of the world, the phone is missing a number of key things – a high-quality video camera, a TV tuner and multimedia messaging.
  • The plans suck The big problem many consumers in Japan have with the iPhone is not its design – which the Japanese don’t like either – but the cost. The monthly plans start at $60, which is high. They recently started giving the phones away with a two-year plan. Oof. source

25 Feb 2009 21:52


U.S.: Obama’s laid-back style is annoying “Old Washington”

  • Nobody messes with joe and the smiles and nancy handshake resembled a democratic pep rally not a state of the union–sophomoric and silly
  • Newt Gingrich • in a Twitter post last night during Obama’s non-State of the Union speech. Gingrich and others have complained that Obama’s a little too casual for the job, and that Michelle Obama pulls out the sleeveless dresses too often. Pssh, whatever. We’re wearing a sleeveless dress right now, and it feels great! (Don’t ask.) • source