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16 Apr 2009 20:54


Offbeat: This quote on denim was clearly written by a very old man

  • Denim is the carefully calculated costume of people eager to communicate indifference to appearances. But the appearances that people choose to present in public are cues from which we make inferences about their maturity and respect.
  • George Will • A conservative columnist who clearly needs to STFU already, because only two people think like you. The other guy is the one whose column you ripped off to write yours. • source

25 Feb 2009 21:52


U.S.: Obama’s laid-back style is annoying “Old Washington”

  • Nobody messes with joe and the smiles and nancy handshake resembled a democratic pep rally not a state of the union–sophomoric and silly
  • Newt Gingrich • in a Twitter post last night during Obama’s non-State of the Union speech. Gingrich and others have complained that Obama’s a little too casual for the job, and that Michelle Obama pulls out the sleeveless dresses too often. Pssh, whatever. We’re wearing a sleeveless dress right now, and it feels great! (Don’t ask.) • source