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06 Aug 2010 12:55


Culture: Pop quiz: What year was this photo taken? Take a guess.

  • The winner gets a PBR the next time we see them in person. We can afford it. They cost what, 65 cents in Portland? (Hat tip Charles Apple and others) source

28 Jul 2010 09:59


Offbeat: Question: Which U.S. downmarket beer is upmarket in China?

  • It’s a little vague and blurry, but we think you guys can make it out. (Note: The brand is upmarket, and so is the beer. None of that $2 stuff, guys.) source

26 Nov 2009 22:08


Offbeat: We’re thankful for the opportunity to buy the Pabst company


  • Pabst Blue Ribbon‘s maker is on the market. Their asking price is $300 million. We’re thankful for PBR. Anyone want to help crowdsource ownership of the cheapest, crappiest/best beer ever? Just think – $5 could help make the dream of many hipsters come true. And us. We want to own the company and make rivers of Schlitz. source