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05 Sep 2010 11:48


Offbeat: Company tries to fire dude for charging Segway, fails

  • 2¢ the amount he stole by charging his Segway for 1 & 1/2 hours source
  • » And he gets his job back: While his German employer didn’t want to reinstate him, going so far as to appeal his claim, the court decided that their grounds were unfair, partly due to the fact that people regularly charged their cell phones or digital photo frames using the company’s power. Oh, and he had been with the company for 19 years. Problem is, they didn’t look like douches for riding around on a Segway, which we’re guessing was the real grounds for dismissal.

09 Jun 2010 10:24


Tech: An update on Hulu’s grand scheme to charge you money

  • yes Hulu plans to expand its base to the Xbox 360 and iPad very soon. (About time, guys.)
  • yes You will have to start paying for the service soon. (Grr… this is our angry voice)
  • no You won’t have to pay for new episodes of shows, just older, “classic” episodes. source

04 May 2010 10:59


Biz, U.S.: Craigslist profits from sex ads, attorney generals notice

  • first States complain because
    Craigslist allows anyone
    to post sexually-oriented
    ads which can be used
    for illegal prostitution.
  • second In an effort to appease
    the states, Craigslist
    charges for the section
    for purposes of creating
    a paper trail.
  • third A group of 39 states,
    noticing the profits made
    from the for-pay section,
    subpoena Craigslist over
    the ads. source

08 Apr 2010 22:27


Biz, Offbeat: Nudists better at public relations than Spirit Airlines

  • bad pr In an attempt to get people to
    stow more of their luggage, Spirit Airlines starts charging as much as $45 for carry-on items. Instead of, you know, not charging extra to stow luggage.
  • good pr Seeing a perfect opportunity,
    the American Association for Nude Recreation leaps on the news as a chance to promote nudism, because, hey, you’ll need less
    luggage! source

06 Apr 2010 11:02


Biz: Don’t fly on Spirit Airlines: They now charge for carry-on bags

  • $45 cost each way to store an item overhead if you don’t join some stupid little club
  • $30 cost each way to store that same item if you are smart and reserve a spot ahead of time
  • $20 cost each way if you join their club; join our “don’t fly Spirit Airlines” club instead source

12 Feb 2010 15:30


Biz: The adventures of Newsday Customer No. 36: Now they want money?

  • What a convoluted system. For a week, we told you about our trials and travails regarding Newsday’s subscription advertising. We got bored of making fun of them admittedly (and tired of the useless “news alerts” that felt like vectors to send ads to us more than actual news alerts), but now they’ve actually given us some ammo.
  • Shoddy service Today, they finally sent us an e-mail, two and a half weeks after we signed up, asking for money, with full details of the process. Nobody ever called us or asked us about it. If Newsday wanted our service, they would call us first.
  • pay all at once? We definitely don’t like the $40/every two months setup, instead of just subscribing for a week just to try it. So yeah, we’re not signing up for this. It’s seemingly designed to discourage you from subscribing to Newsday.
  • Our advice to newsday Paywalls can work, but your all-or-nothing paywall system seems broken. There’s no online component at all. Also, people outside of Long Island are interested in what happens in Long Island. Consider that, guys.

A final tally of our Newsday adventures

  • 17 days it took for Newsday to decide to charge us
  • 17 number of text-message updates we got from Newsday; nearly all of them had ads as long as the news itself
  • six of the updates said “Officials: 5 killed, 12 injured in Conn. power plant blast” (spread out over two days)
  • 4-5 number of e-mail updates we’ve been getting from Newsday each day, and they’re kinda annoying

20 Jan 2010 10:03


Biz: Learning to love the bomb: Why we don’t mind the NYT’s pay wall

  • The gray lady’s change from free to pay makes sense. Simply put, if there’s one newspaper in the U.S. that can blaze the trail for online pay walls and get it right, it’s the New York Times. Here’s why:
  • one They’re big enough to take the kind of risks that smaller papers can’t.
  • two They understand the Web better than most papers – there’s no tired cynicism here.
  • three They get the sharing nature of the Web, and so does their planned model.
  • four They’ve had a long history of online innovation already, such as Times Skimmer.
  • five They have content that’s good enough that people will pay for it. Duh. source

11 Jan 2010 21:32


Biz: Obama’s thinking of charging Wall Street service fees. Hm.

  • That’s one way to get our money back from the banks. A year after being handed one of the worst financial crises to ever hit the U.S., Obama’s considering his options for making something back on that $700 billion investment that George W. Bush made back in the day. The one that’s standing out? Charging fees to companies like AIG and Bank of America. The nature of that fee hasn’t been decided yet, but we bet taxpayers might enjoy the just desserts. source

28 Nov 2009 09:00


Tech: Not even Japanese consumers are willing to pay for tweets

The other day, word came out that Twitter’s Japanese counterpart might start charging for some tweets. Well, not so much. source

12 Nov 2009 21:58


Biz: Die in a fire, Cablevision: Newsday’s charging for stories

Dudes, if you’re going to completely block off your content like this, take your stuff off Google News. OK? Dead to us: Newsday. source