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24 Jan 2011 16:40


Politics: CPAC’s GOProud invite fractures social conservatives

  • cause The ultra-conservative CPAC conference has invited GOProud,  an organization for LGBT conservatives, to attend.
  • effect Following the lead of some socially conservative groups, Sen. Jim DeMint and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan will not attend.  source
  • » Last year at CPAC: Virulently anti-gay activist Ryan Sorba condemned the 2010 event over the acceptance of GOProud into the fold, and was booed off the stage. This will, it seems, be an ongoing issue for the conference.

05 Jul 2010 21:05


Music: The “Sound Strike” Arizona boycott list gets a little more diverse

  • Also: Conor Oberst wrote a pretty killer letter. A few weeks back, we criticized the Rage Against the Machine-led boycott of the state of Arizona for having a fairly weak deck of cards. Now, it’s a little bit better, having added a number of A-list artists, including Nine Inch Nails, Pitbull (who is Cuban-American), Maroon 5 and Chris Rock. No Coldplay yet, but Maroon 5 is kind of a biggie. In other news, Oberst (he of Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk) wrote a passionate open letter to powerful tour promoter Charlie Levy, with this key statement: “We cannot play on as if nothing is wrong.  This is not just about Arizona.  I am not just skipping a tour date.  This is not going to be easy for anyone.” Well-put. source

27 Apr 2010 20:10


U.S.: Two places where an economic boycott of Arizona would hurt

  • baseball The state’s MLB team, the
    Arizona Diamondbacks, could face empty (or emptier) seats across the country thanks to a boycott.
  • tourism The Grand Canyon is a huge
    driver of tourism in the state;
    activist groups are telling people
    to stay away. source

26 Apr 2010 22:20


Politics: Ultra-liberal major city to boycott ultra-conservative major state

  • We want to send a message. There are consequences when you target a whole people.
  • San Francisco City Supervisor David Campos • In calling for a boycott of the state of Arizona, along with companies based there, due to their newly passed immigration law – which critics say permits racial profiling. Which is a big freaking deal, kids. While the city is still unsure of the boycott’s economic impact, “We do know that we won’t be sending any city employees to conferences in Arizona,” according to Campos. The resolution will go in front of the city’s board on Tuesday. source

12 Mar 2010 16:23


Politics: Glenn Beck takes on religion, gets more people to hate him

Glenn Beck suggested that people should quit churches that support “social justice,” saying it’s a codeword. Now he’s got another boycott on his hands. source

17 Feb 2010 11:49


Politics: That Glenn Beck ad boycott is still going pretty darn strong

  • 103 number of sponsors Glenn Beck has lost as a result of the continuing boycott
  • five number of days the U.K. broadcast of his show ran without any ads source

14 Feb 2010 21:28


Culture: Southwest Airlines throws off the wrong fat guy: Kevin Smith

  • Hey @SouthwestAir I’ve landed in Burbank. Don’t worry: wall of the plane was opened & I was airlifted out while Richard Simmons supervised.
  • Director Kevin Smith • Regarding a harrowing experience where he was booted from a flight because he was too fat, according to the pilot. He later got on another flight, but not before he tweeted about it to his 1.6 million followers on Twitter. The director, who helmed the upcoming Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan awesomefest CopOut, says he’s not that fat yet. In case you’re wondering, Southwest responded, claiming they’ve had the “persons of size” policy for 25 years now. Our question: Where’s your private jet, Silent Bob? source

01 Oct 2009 10:50


Culture: Jay Leno’s having trouble getting guests from other networks

  • It’s an unexpected consequence of the 10 p.m. block. Jay Leno may have had an easy time getting guests when he was on at 11:35 EST, but at 10, it’s a different story. “Yes, there was a little pressure, because as you know you are now on prime time and I’m on a different network,” said Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who became the first CBS star to show up on Leno’s show Tuesday night. In other news, the reviews aren’t getting more positive. source

29 Aug 2009 12:14


Politics: That tally of advertisers boycotting Glenn Beck keeps growing

  • 46 are listed as boycotting Beck’s show, Color of Change says source

27 Aug 2009 20:26


Politics: The Glenn Beck ad boycott isn’t killing him; it’s making him stronger

  • 33 boycotts of Glenn Beck’s show by major corporations – just three major advertisers and a bunch of infomercials are left
  • three million people watched Beck’s show last night after Sarah Palin gave him a shoutout; thanks, Sarah, for doing nothing again source