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27 Aug 2010 11:31


Biz: Depressing numbers: Economic growth slows to a freaking crawl

  • 5% the size of economic growth (at an annual rate) in the last three months of 2009
  • 3.7% the growth in the economy (at an annual rate) in 2010’s first quarter
  • 1.6% the growth in the most recent quarter, which is a huge sign of economic slowdown source

27 Apr 2010 20:10


U.S.: Two places where an economic boycott of Arizona would hurt

  • baseball The state’s MLB team, the
    Arizona Diamondbacks, could face empty (or emptier) seats across the country thanks to a boycott.
  • tourism The Grand Canyon is a huge
    driver of tourism in the state;
    activist groups are telling people
    to stay away. source

11 Oct 2009 10:46


World: Russia: Experiencing big-time economic shrinkage

  • 7.5% economic contraction this year; blame big oil source

14 Sep 2009 09:40


Biz, World: Most people (worldwide) support economic recovery via stimulus

  • 60% of people favored more (not less) government spending source

10 Aug 2009 10:31


Biz, U.S.: When do private economists see the recession ending?

  • Q3 but the recovery is gonna take a little while, they say source

10 Feb 2009 10:34


U.S.: The Senate votes on the stimulus bill today. How big is it?

  • $827 billion right now, $100 billion less than before source

06 Feb 2009 20:25


U.S.: OK, the Senate may finally get behind Obama’s economic plan

  • $805 billion, the size of the current stimulus package source