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28 Feb 2011 10:53


World: Come visit sunny Egypt, now with one less dictator for life!

  • In terms of reviving tourism, the problem is currently Libya, not us. The whole region is very hot right now.
  • Sylvia Tours Egypt managing director Karim Mohsen • Making a pitch that people should consider having their next trip in Egypt, which has calmed down a tad since Hosni Mubarak left office a couple of weeks ago. To drive the point home, many young Egyptians are pushing an “Egypt is Safe” campaign, cleaning monuments and taking people to Tahrir Sqare as a tourist attraction. “Please tell your friends not to fear the revolution. This is the new Egypt and it welcomes you,” said one young student about the country. And really, the revolution is just another reason to check out a piece of Egyptian history! Right? Right?!? source

31 Jan 2011 11:07


World: For some reason, tourism in Egypt continues unabated

  • companies Much like the United States and other nations, corporations with interests in Europe have stopped production and have begun airlifting employees out of Egypt.
  • tourism Despite all the drama in Egypt at the moment, 30,000 tourists from the U.K. are still in the country and two major travel firms are still bringing people there. source

21 May 2010 07:45


World: Thailand’s crazy political situation will probably dent its tourism

  • 6% of the economy relies on tourists to visit the Asian country
  • 15% of the country’s workforce works in the tourism industry source

27 Apr 2010 20:10


U.S.: Two places where an economic boycott of Arizona would hurt

  • baseball The state’s MLB team, the
    Arizona Diamondbacks, could face empty (or emptier) seats across the country thanks to a boycott.
  • tourism The Grand Canyon is a huge
    driver of tourism in the state;
    activist groups are telling people
    to stay away. source

08 Nov 2009 11:20


Offbeat: The Galactic Suite space resort is ready to take your reservation

  • 2012 when you can become a space tourist, too! source

20 Mar 2009 13:37


Biz, U.S.: Americans are staying home, not having fun anymore

  • 22% decline in travel and tourism spending in late 2008 source