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02 Oct 2010 14:19


Politics: Another Washington Mall rally, this time thrown by the left

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve had a rally. We think it’s time for another one. But, this time, let’s bring out all the disillusioned “Hope” and “Change” folks. source

11 May 2010 10:11


Politics: Some on the left are all grumbley about Elena Kagan

  • Why do the conservatives always get the conservatives, but we don’t get to get the liberals? What the hell is that all about?
  • Sen. Tom Harkin • Speaking before Kagan’s nomination, when it merely seemed likely she’d get the nod. Harkin isn’t alone on this stance. Many on the left were hoping that someone as liberal as Thurgood Marshall would get nominated. He’s the last outspoken liberal the court has had, and he was nominated in 1967. Instead, they’re all like, she’s not as liberal as Antonin Scalia is conservative! Gah! *GRUMBLE!* source

26 Apr 2010 22:20


Politics: Ultra-liberal major city to boycott ultra-conservative major state

  • We want to send a message. There are consequences when you target a whole people.
  • San Francisco City Supervisor David Campos • In calling for a boycott of the state of Arizona, along with companies based there, due to their newly passed immigration law – which critics say permits racial profiling. Which is a big freaking deal, kids. While the city is still unsure of the boycott’s economic impact, “We do know that we won’t be sending any city employees to conferences in Arizona,” according to Campos. The resolution will go in front of the city’s board on Tuesday. source

25 Apr 2010 11:36


U.S.: Is the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court as “liberal” as they say it is?

  • Short answer: kinda. Longer answer: It used to be very liberal. With the controversy around Obama appointee Goodwin Liu taking shape, much of the bad-talking has been around the court he was recommended for. The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court has a rep driven in part by its decision against using the phrase “under god,” and the Supreme Court’s consistent rulings against its decisions. But let’s throw some numbers at you guys and let you decide.
  • 88% the rate the Supreme Court has reversed its recent decisions between 2008 and 2009
  • 12k the number of cases the court heard last year – far higher than any of the other appeals courts
  • 58% of the court’s appointees came from Democratic presidencies, the highest rate of any appeals court
  • » Why does it lean liberal? Simply put, Jimmy Carter was in office during a period when this circuit court was expanded, and it allowed him to throw in 15 liberal-leaning judges. The geographic area is more liberal, too. But this has eased in recent years, due to the fact that those judges got old and Bush appointed seven of the 27 judges currently on the court. source

09 Apr 2010 16:40


U.S.: Obama’s gonna have fun filling John Paul Stevens’ shoes

  • 35 number of years John Paul Stevens served on the Supreme Court; Obama says “he leaves at the top of his game”
  • ten the number of names on
    Obama’s replacement list (we hope one is John Paul Jones, just for spits and giggles) source

09 Apr 2010 10:55


09 Apr 2010 10:51


U.S.: Bart Stupak, John Paul Stevens: Today’s a good day for liberals to retire

  • Stupak Apparently worn out from the health care debate, where he played a front-and-center role, he plans to retire at the end of this term.
  • Stevens The liberal justice, almost 90, had been considering this decision for months. Now he’s firmly decided – he retires this Summer.

12 Mar 2010 11:37


Politics: Espresso your views: The Coffee Party kicks off for realises tomorrow.

March 13 is the day that thousands of people will get together at coffee shops nationwide to talk politics, no matter the party. Nice idea. source

11 Mar 2010 22:24


Politics: Far-left Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Seven terms, nothing to show for it

  • 97 number of bills Kucinich has sponsored in Congress since getting elected 14 years ago
  • three number of those bills that actually became law, and all three were nothing laws source

10 Mar 2010 11:17


Politics: Crazy conservative turns Obama into a baseball metaphor

  • Who seriously thought this was a good idea? JibJab is one thing, but this is seriously the unfunniest thing we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot of unfunny things in our time.