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10 Nov 2009 23:26


Offbeat: The country’s oldest transsexual loves being herself – finally

  • But now I feel calm, happy, and relaxed. And do you know what makes me feel the best? When I get on a train and the conductor says, ‘May I have your ticket, ma’am?’ I feel like a million dollars.
  • New Jersey transsexual Renee Ramsey • On her sex change at the age of 77. Ramsey, originally named Richard, went through the change earlier this year and is probably the oldest person in the U.S. to have the surgery. Ramsey tried a lot to become more of a man – including a 20-year stint in the Navy. It didn’t work. Instead, she became one of an estimated 700,000 transgenders in the U.S. • source

10 Nov 2009 22:55


Culture: Michael Jackson’s funeral suit worth more than your salary

  • $35,000 to go out in crazy pop star style source

10 Nov 2009 21:26


U.S.: BREAKING: John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. Sniper, has been executed

  • 9:11 p.m. the time of the execution that killed the main figure in the 2002 attacks source

10 Nov 2009 21:06


Tech: Roomba Pac-Man is officially the nerdiest thing ever

  • Someone with more time on their hands somehow made a fully-functioning Roomba-based version of Pac-Man. Laugh now, but when these Roombas are human-sized and get a taste for human blood, you won’t be laughing anymore.source

10 Nov 2009 20:57


Biz, Tech: Google to News Corp.: Come on, we dare you to block us

  • Publishers put their content on the web because they want it to be found, so very few choose not to include their material in Google News and web search. But if they tell us not to include it, we don’t.
  • A statement from Google • Describing its stance on the whole Rupert Murdoch thing we posted about yesterday. That sounds like a dare to us. Will News Corp. match Google’s dare with a double dare? Will Murdoch then pull out a double dog dare, or will he go straight to the triple dog dare? We don’t know, but we’re glued to our seats in excitement. • source

10 Nov 2009 20:39


10 Nov 2009 20:34


Politics: Doing it wrong: Our favorite anti-health-care protester photo ever

This Catholic priest decided to lay on the floor outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office last week. He’s going to take health care lying down. source

10 Nov 2009 20:15


U.S.: Obama – again – knows the right thing to say at Fort Hood

  • It may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. But this much we do know – no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor. For what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice – in this world, and the next.
  • Barack Obama • Speaking at the Fort Hood Memorial ceremony today. This speech was pretty awesome, actually, one of Obama’s best ones. Among other poignant things he said, there’s this striking statement about the often thankless job of being a solider: “In a world of threats that no know borders, their legacy will be marked in the safety of our cities and towns, and the security and opportunity that’s extended abroad.” Kudos. • source

10 Nov 2009 19:58


Music: My Morning Jacket works indie cred into Seth MacFarlane jokes

Must say … My Morning Jacket would not be our first choice to base an entire episode of “American Dad” around. But that just makes it more awesome. source

10 Nov 2009 11:20


Music: Daily poll: Rock bands, Morrissey, concerts and jerk fans

  • Former Smiths lead singer Morrissey is many things – sly, witty, amusing, awesome. But he can be very sensitive, as a huge crowd of fans learned in London over the weekend when Moz left a show immediately after a jerk threw a plastic water bottle at his head. Fans were not happy. So, our question, in general, wonders if he made the right move here. Should one jerk be allowed to ruin everything? Vote here.source