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15 Feb 2010 20:06


Tech: Oh, oxytocin, what can’t you do? You’re a wonder-hormone!

  • It slices, it dices, it helps Asperger’s patients … Oxytocin, a hormone often important to childbirth for females, has been shown to significantly help people suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism. It helped, specifically, with social situations. For example, they were more willing to look at other people’s faces for 90 minutes after taking the hormone. This is a huge breakthrough for an often-challenging disease. source

17 Dec 2009 21:42


Biz: Pepsi doesn’t think the Super Bowl is the best use of their ad money

  • 23 the number of years that Pepsi has had a prominent part of the Super Bowl advertising extravaganza
  • refresh what Pepsi plans to do with their ad money instead, using it for a Web-based charity program source

04 Dec 2009 09:59


Biz: The jobs report was significantly better than expected

  • 10% the current unemployment rate – a slight increase was inspected; instead, it fell
  • 11,000 the number of jobs lost in November, the best number since December 2007 source

13 Nov 2009 16:38


Tech: A drop in the bucket? NASA finds tons of water on the moon

  • I’m here today to tell you that indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit; we found a significant amount.
  • NASA scientist Anthony Colaprete • Describing the excitement caused by the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, which crashed into the moon last month with the specific purpose of finding water. And oh boy, it found a lot of it: A dozen two-gallon buckets of water. This is promising for many reasons, including the fact that this makes a lunar space station seem possible. We just made a ton of nerds’ days with this news. • source

07 Nov 2009 14:21


Tech: Microsoft has lots of reasons to celebrate the Windows 7 launch

  • 234% increase in box software sales over Vista source

06 Oct 2009 09:52


World: More on the U.K. Conservative Party’s “pain for everyone”

  • £18,000 the amount public sector workers have to make in the Conservatves’ plan to get their wages frozen in 2011; that’s 80% of workers
  • £50,000 the amount families would have to make to completely lose their tax credits; the 50% on the rich would stay put source

17 Feb 2009 01:53


U.S.: No budget in California? Bye-bye government jobs.

  • In the absence of a budget, the governor has a responsibility to realize state savings any way he can. This is unfortunately a necessary decision.
  • Aaron McLear • A spokesman for California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had the delightful joy of informing the press that 20,000 jobs may be getting cut. The drastic measure is due to the fact that California’s $40 billion budget didn’t pass by a narrow margin this weekend. • source