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20 May 2010 11:23


Politics, Tech: Congress way ahead of Obama when it comes to iPad love

  • Guess which congressman said this: “This thing is the bomb. It’s light; it’s portable. It’s accessible information. I love it.” The Blackberry was perhaps the killer device for legislatiors of the last decade, but this decade it’s proving to be the iPad. With laptops still not allowed on the floor, the aluminum and glass love machine is a major hit for some. If it takes off, it could straight-up replace the need for paper in the famously-tree-killing legislative branch. We haven’t heard if Robert Byrd is using one yet, though. Maybe he’s waiting for the second-gen. source

29 Apr 2010 21:21


Tech: Nerds come up with new definitions for the word “hypocrisy”

  • That being said, Jobs’ letter is incredibly two-faced, hypocritical, and very misleading. It’s clearly a marketing trick to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers, and while that’s okay (they’re in it to make money, after all), it’s our job to remove that wool from our eyes.
  • OSNews blogger Thom Holwerda • In a response to the Apple vs. Flash saga that has been chewing up most of the online attention today. He points out that Apple has been slow moving some of its software to the Cocoa platform (which Jobs criticized Adobe for being slow to do), Apple’s use of the H264 video codec (because it’s not really open, something Holwerda has covered at length), and the suckitude of iTunes. Despite Holwerda’s take, which has been getting a lot of attention due to the fact it’s harshly written, there’s been a debate about whether or not Jobs was actually hypocritical. Don’t think about this too hard; it’ll numb your brain. source

21 Dec 2009 09:45


Tech: Hackers brought together in a room, forced to fight to the death

The U.S. Cyber Challenge is a way to see whether nerds who know their way around the information superhighway can use their skills for good, not evil. source

13 Nov 2009 16:38


Tech: A drop in the bucket? NASA finds tons of water on the moon

  • I’m here today to tell you that indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit; we found a significant amount.
  • NASA scientist Anthony Colaprete • Describing the excitement caused by the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, which crashed into the moon last month with the specific purpose of finding water. And oh boy, it found a lot of it: A dozen two-gallon buckets of water. This is promising for many reasons, including the fact that this makes a lunar space station seem possible. We just made a ton of nerds’ days with this news. • source

02 Oct 2009 15:19


Politics: Chicago’s Olympic fight: A battle of nerds and jocks?

  • We see this same jocks-vs.-nerds conflict play out every time a pro sports team threatens to skip town unless the taxpayers cough up money for a new stadium.
  • Brad Flora (of The Windy Citizen, a site we really like and recommend) • On the fate of the Olympics in Chicago, which took a nosedive in part because of strong skepticism the endeavor faced for years from what Flora describes as nerdy critics who pointed out budget crises that could be caused by two weeks of sweaty people doing sweaty things. Flora portrays Obama as the guy whose job was to bridge both the nerds and the jocks, having cred with both. But he couldn’t pull it off. • source

26 Jul 2009 21:37


Biz, Tech: AT&T plays with fire, messes with the infamous 4chan

  • Anonymous is not amused. If you don’t know what the image board 4chan is, just imagine a giant board of internet nerds who have fun being disruptive. (Like the internet should be, if you ask us.) If you don’t know what AT&T is, just imagine a giant telecommunications company who has fun making disruptions for iPhone customers. Reports came out today saying that AT&T blocked access to a number of boards on 4chan, which means that AT&T has just opened up a can of worms and might find themselves under nerd attack. Good job guys! Expect your front page to have a disturbing image on it within the next day. source

23 Jul 2009 10:30


Culture: Where’d the nerds go? They’re at Comic-Con in San Diego

LARPers, furries, comic book nerds, superhero freaks, idiots and Pokemon fans alike are all in one city, unprepared for the world’s villans to attack. source

14 Feb 2009 08:35


Offbeat, Tech: What are these Unix nerds celebrating at a bar?

Why, 1234567890 Day, of course. That’s right, they’re celebrating the cycle of an internal number. source

12 Jan 2009 13:30


Offbeat, Tech: Attempting to build a classroom of dorks into flirts

  • 440 German übernerds got trained in basic social skills source