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04 Jan 2012 14:21


Culture: Pepsi Co.’s revolting legal defense in Mountain Dew case

  • Don’t do the Dew: An Illinois man is presently suing the Pepsi Company, claiming that as he was enjoying (as much as one is able) some Mountain Dew soda, he spat out a mouthful to reveal a dead mouse. In an effort to acquit themselves of this charge, Pepsi seems to be conceding a reality that strikes us, frankly, as a great deal grosser and more concerning than a mouse happening to get shuffled into the bottling process: they’re saying the mouse would have dissolved in the time it took for the soda to go from bottling to consumption. More specifically, they’re claiming it would have been reduced to a “jelly-like substance.” There are no words. (Photo courtesy of Repoort) source

17 Dec 2009 21:42


Biz: Pepsi doesn’t think the Super Bowl is the best use of their ad money

  • 23 the number of years that Pepsi has had a prominent part of the Super Bowl advertising extravaganza
  • refresh what Pepsi plans to do with their ad money instead, using it for a Web-based charity program source

28 Jul 2009 11:02


Biz: The evolution of two soda company icons, in logo form

On the left: A constantly-changing icon that wins a lot of taste tests. On the right: A stable, consistent brand. (Minus the New Coke thing.) source

10 Feb 2009 22:15


Biz, Offbeat: Pepsi absurdly overthought their rebranding campaign

Yes, they compared the freaking logo to a planet. They paid money for this? source

29 Jan 2009 17:37


Biz, Music: Pepsi pays too much money for its Super Bowl ads

  • $2.6 million for a and Bob Dylan duet (WTF?!) source