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25 Oct 2011 20:07


Politics: SF + M.C. Hammer + Brian Wilson + + Ed Lee = Insane ad

  • San Francisco’s mayor gets uh, diverse support: M.C. Hammer’s music isn’t exactly setting the charts ablaze anymore (he’s moved on to search engines), but it works well in political ads, apparently, as this bizarre concoction above proves. Ed Lee, the current mayor of the city, was appointed after Gavin Newsom took over as California’s lieutenant governor, but the tech-friendly Lee hopes to get a full term. So do all the folks in this clip, ranging from top brass at Google to Twitter co-founders to insane pitcher Brian Wilson to M.C. FREAKING HAMMER, donning the parachute pants again to offer his support to the mayor. Gotta give the funders of this ad (tech entrepreneurs Ron Conway and Justin Timberlake Sean Parker) credit — it’s 2 Legit 2 Quit. source

14 Apr 2010 22:51


Tech: The most useless quote from Chirp comes from

  • I love the world of social connectivity, the real-time responses and connections, the same thing that crippled the industry I live in. Now you can surf people’s thoughts.
  • • Discussing why he likes Twitter. He seemed like a strange presence at the conference (especially after he suggested bands will have official programmers). And what a conference it is – Twitter introduced a bunch of crap that directly steps on the toes of what developers are already doing with the technology, going so far as to offer their own URL shortener. Well crap. There goes the neighborhood, kids. source

22 May 2009 11:10


Offbeat, U.S.: Obama can’t get Robert Gates’ name right, by the way

  • He introduced Gates as “William” during yesterday’s speech. Obama sees Robert Gates just about every day, but despite this, he still got the defense secretary’s name wrong during yesterday’s speech, which in our opinion is hilarious. It’s possible that he just had Will on his mind too much, seeing as that was his most-used word. Or he might’ve been talking about Bill Gates. Whatever. Just don’t do it again, dude. source

29 Jan 2009 17:37


Biz, Music: Pepsi pays too much money for its Super Bowl ads

  • $2.6 million for a and Bob Dylan duet (WTF?!) source