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28 Feb 2011 20:58


World: Jaycee Lee Dugard’s captors: We confess to everything

Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, who reportedly kept Dugard in captivity for almost two decades, chose to confess partly to ensure a lighter sentence for Nancy. source

21 Sep 2009 12:06


U.S.: Phillip Garrido said he could speak his mind though a MacGuffin

  • He feels he can speak to you and me and everyone else using this box. He was a whack job, but he was a whack job who sounded like he had a really good heart.
  • An anonymous friend of accused Jaycee Dugard kidnapper Phillip Garrido • Describing a black box Garrido owned, which he claimed could let him speak his mind. The box had headphone jacks, just in case you wanted to listen in on the crazy. • source

16 Sep 2009 22:36


U.S.: Bones on Phillip Garrido’s property: Signs of something sinister?

  • We have located what appear to be bones on both properties. We can’t tell at this point if those bones are human or animal.
  • Hayward, Calif. Police Department Lt. Chris Orrey • Describing the scene of the Jaycee Dugard case, which was further investigated today. Bones were found on both Phillip Garrido’s property and a nearby one. While it’s possible that the bones could be human, it’s just as possible that they’re not. More tests are being done. • source

13 Sep 2009 12:03


U.S.: Here’s a quote in the Jaycee Dugard case bound to stick with you

  • That’s the one I want. She’s cute, but she’s with the other kids. Let’s come back later and get her.
  • Phillip Garrido (according to his wife, Nancy) • When the couple went “child-shopping” before Jaycee Dugard’s capture. He was looking for a cute blonde, and Dugard fit the bill. You remember that whole thing you were told as a kid about not talking to strangers and that sort of thing? This is why. People like Phillip Garrido are actually out there. • source

10 Sep 2009 10:06


Offbeat: The importance of pauses: A BBC News reporter reveals too much

  • Poor guy sounds like he’s had an awful personal life, what with the forced male pregnancy and all. He sure looks well-mannered considering. source

03 Sep 2009 21:30


U.S.: Kidnapper wife Nancy Garrido thought they were like a “family”

  • There came a time when she felt like they were a family. And she loves the girls very much, and she loves Jaycee very much. And that seems a little strange given the circumstance, but that’s she has said to me.
  • Gilbert Maines, Nancy Garrido’s attorney • Describing the bizarre family dynamic between her, her husband Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard and her children. That’s right, a husband, a wife, a girl you kidnapped nearly 20 years ago, and the two daughters she had with the husband: The traditional nuclear family. • source

01 Sep 2009 20:58


U.S.: Phillip Garrido’s rape sentence got paroled a little too early

  • 50 years length of time the man at the center of the Jaycee Dugard case was sentenced for the rape of Katie Callaway Hall
  • 11 years length of time Garrido actually served; not long after his release, Dugard was kidnapped – way to go, justice system source

31 Aug 2009 10:30


U.S.: Hmm: Jaycee Dugard’s family had an unremarkable public life

  • Her children went to a birthday party just two weeks ago. Obviously, there are many strange things about the Jaycee Dugard/Phillip Garrido saga, but the strangest is that from the outside, their lives seemed somewhat normal. One person who knows Garrido and his family, Cheyvonne Molino, says that the media “made it seem like these little girls were living like wolves or jungle kids in the backyard dungeon.” What did stand out: One of Garrido’s customers says that the teenage girls dressed “very conservatively.” Hmm. source

29 Aug 2009 17:59


U.S.: Have nothing better to do today? Read Phillip Garrido’s blog

  • The Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels in order to provide a wake-up call that will in time include the salvation of the entire world.
  • Phillip Garrido • In a post on his bat#(&! isane blog, “Voices Revealed.” He’s been updating it in bits and pieces over the last couple of years, although things have picked up in the last couple of weeks. It must’ve been a sign he was about to be arrested. In other news, the authorities noted that the giveaway in the Jaycee Dugard case was the fact that his children seemed like robots. • source

29 Aug 2009 11:38


U.S.: Kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard wasn’t always stuck inside a tent

  • She did graphic design work for her captor. Uh. While Jaycee Dugard was largely kept in a tent with her two children, she wasn’t always hidden in there. Suspect Phillip Garrido owned a printing business, and based on one customer’s account, she did graphic design work for his business under the pseudonym “Allyssa.” “She was the design person; she did the art work; she was the genius,” said patron Ben Daughdrill. Another bizarre turn in a bizarre case. source