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06 Jun 2010 20:58


Tech: Yahoo pretty much lets Facebook take over their lumbering corpse

  • You know, because Yahoo doesn’t have any infrastructure like Facebook. Between Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Chat, MyBlogLog, Flickr, and Delicious – all widely-used services that directly compete with various parts of Facebook – Yahoo could create a really awesome social network with the scale of Facebook’s offerings. But instead, Yahoo is going to integrate these sites directly with Facebook. Why? Because they’re a horribly-disorganized company and they don’t realize that they were sitting on all of the parts long before Facebook stumbled upon them. source

29 Apr 2010 09:38


Tech: Them’s fighting words: Yahoo’s CEO rips Google really hard

  • Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search. It is only half our business; it’s 99.9% of their business. They’ve got to find other things to do.
  • Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz • Talking smack to the king of the hill today. Google does tons of other stuff, though! They have e-mail (just like Yahoo), a news site (just like Yahoo), a maps app (just like Yahoo), a photo site (just like Yahoo), a social networking site (just like Yahoo) and, unlike Yahoo, a hand in the mobile sphere. And, unlike Yahoo, they don’t have the rep of getting bogged down by all of the extracurricular activities, or (more importantly) of being a place where “startups go to die,” as TechCrunch recently put it. So, while Google is in need of other revenue streams, Yahoo may not be the right company to give them crap. source

03 Feb 2010 21:32


Biz: A good sign for jobs? buys HotJobs from Yahoo

  • $225 million for a job-listing-site mega-merger source

01 Feb 2010 18:52


Biz, Tech: The Associated Press continues its shakedown of Web giants

  • We’re breaking our longstanding AP boycott for this story. The Associated Press today reached a new deal with our boys at Yahoo News, giving the wire service more money to host the content from the news service we know and love. Details aren’t being disclosed, but let’s just say that no major changes are taking place as of yet. Oh yeah, Google News hasn’t hosted AP stories since their contract expired in December. Didya know that? You probably didn’t notice, because Google News is that good. source

26 Oct 2009 20:08


Tech: Give Jason Scott a high-five for his hard work saving Geocities

  • You’re stupid and I hate you. I haven’t even met you, don’t even know where you are or what else you do, and I hate you. … This has to have been one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done, and it’s your fault.
  • Geocities archivist Jason Scott • On his frustration with Yahoo over their closing of the iconic site. He notes the company’s shortsightedness in taking a historic service and throwing it out the window – and worse, not helping Scott’s Archive Team with the process. The message, in our view is epic and vitriolic. As it should be. Our favorite part: “So now in two days you’re going to shut this place down, this collection of genealogy and pages by people who’ve died and collections of writing and art and music and you’re going to turn it into dust because Carol Bartz said Yahoo needed to save a few bucks.” Throw this guy $25 so he can keep doing what he’s doing. He deserves it. • source

26 Oct 2009 02:31


Tech: Goodbye, Geocities: XKCD commemorates the death of a net icon

XKCD redesign
  • This is how Geocities should be remembered: An ugly piece of crap, but our ugly piece of crap. Not specifically ours, but the Internet’s. Yahoo’s biggest financial folly and the reason why we still fear for the futures of our good, not-awful friends Flickr and Delicous. But an essential reminder of the anyone-can-screw-with-it nature of what makes the Web awesome. Good show, XKCD. source

24 Aug 2009 22:51


Tech: Yahoo: Screw it, might as well make our search super-simple

See a trend? Just like the competition, Yahoo’s search page now has almost nothing on it. They revamped lots of other stuff, too. source

15 Aug 2009 19:53


Tech: Hah! Yahoo thinks Twitter users have mojo. LOL.

Know Your Mojo!
  • We admit that this Tweet analyzer amused us because it’s so novel, but it serves no useful purpose other than telling us we please crowds because we use a lot of hashtags. Either way, it’s a fun diversion to prevent you from doing actual work. source

14 Aug 2009 19:50


Tech: When people use Google to search, they search way more

  • 54.5 average number of searches Google users make on a monthly basis; if you’re us, you make that many in an hour, possibly in half an hour (we search a lot)
  • 26.9 average number of searches Yahoo and Microsoft users make; if you took their numbers and combined them, Google would still average more source

30 Jul 2009 21:30


Biz, Tech: Steve Ballmer: Investors are missing the MS/Yahoo deal’s benefits

  • Yahoo gets 88% of the search revenue they have today. They have 0% cost of goods sold against 88% revenue and they have no [research and development] expense and no ongoing [capital expenditure].
  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer • Explaining the benefit Yahoo gets for agreeing to letting Microsoft’s Bing power their searches. Some were disappointed that Yahoo didn’t get an upfront payment as part of the agreement, causing Yahoo’s stock to tumble while the rest of the market is doing relatively well. Ballmer explains that the benefit for Yahoo will be down the line when they don’t have to invest in search development. • source