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27 Sep 2011 01:38


Tech: Too social? Spotify and Facebook get too friendly for some users’ taste

  • Not cool. My Spotify account isn’t linked to Facebook, and it’ll stay that way, thankyouverymuch. If I didn’t have an account already, this would prevent me from signing up.
  • A Get Satisfaction user • Venting about Spotify’s Facebook-only signup option for new users. On top of that, Spotify recently started cross-posting what songs users are listening to on Facebook, which might be a little to personal for some people. Whistling Britney Spears while you work? Have a soft spot for Depeche Mode? Now all your friends will know, too. Follow these steps to stop or limit Spotify oversharing. source

15 Sep 2010 11:01


Tech: Eric Schmidt: Google’s doing social integration, not “Google Me”

  • Everybody has convinced themselves that there’s some huge project about to get announced next week. And I can assure you that’s not the case.
  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt • Regarding the rumored launch of “Google Me,” which is expected to be a Facebook killer. But it may not be that. Rather, Schmidt makes it sound like a full-site integration of social features akin to Facebook’s “Instant Personalization.” “If you think about it, it’s obvious,” Schmidt continued. “With your permission, knowing more about who your friends are, we can provide more tailored recommendations. Search quality can get better.” So, in other words, a actually useful Google Friend Connect. source

06 Jun 2010 20:58


Tech: Yahoo pretty much lets Facebook take over their lumbering corpse

  • You know, because Yahoo doesn’t have any infrastructure like Facebook. Between Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Chat, MyBlogLog, Flickr, and Delicious – all widely-used services that directly compete with various parts of Facebook – Yahoo could create a really awesome social network with the scale of Facebook’s offerings. But instead, Yahoo is going to integrate these sites directly with Facebook. Why? Because they’re a horribly-disorganized company and they don’t realize that they were sitting on all of the parts long before Facebook stumbled upon them. source

11 Nov 2009 22:29


Tech: Dear Wolfram Alpha: Working with Bing is actually smart

  • Wolfram Alpha is a smart idea that has been neutered by bad decision-making – charging an embarrassingly-high price for their iPhone app, treating copyright like something they can control. Well, now they have something to grasp onto: Bing. While their searches aren’t all that useful by themselves (too insular), combined with a decent general-purpose search engine, it starts to feel like a killer app. This specific execution is why people got excited about the product at launch. Not the $50 iPhone app. source

17 Apr 2009 18:05


Tech: It’s no iPhone or Pre, but the new Sidekick LX looks pretty sweet

The Sidekick LX has 3G, GPS, Facebook and Twitter integration, and one thing the iPhone doesn’t have – Flash support. source